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Remembering Dalai: Preparing his new home

Dalai was cremated & his remains returned the week after his passing.  As with those before him (Raspy, Atilla, Thomas, Cagney, Phineas & Bezukhov) I am making a new home for him in the form of a pillow/cushion.  The inner pillow has been completed.  I chose a yellow colour & added my customary wonky embroidery.  His remains now sit with the others.  He only knew Bezukhov & Phineas here but I like to think he has made friends with Atilla, Raspy, Thomas & Cagney.

Missing you my little man.

Remembering Atilla: Progress with pillow

As previously posted, I have made a pillow to house Raspy’s remains.  Naturally, Atilla’s will have the same treatment.

Atilla’s pillow is not finished but I have made some progress.  I decided to pad the pillow with something she loved, tea-towels.  She had done a good job shredding a couple that I had draped over the back of her beloved Poang chair.  It was these two I used to pad her pillow & protect her remains.



As with Raspy, I used yellow velvet to make the inner sleeve.  This was embroidered in a thread that matched the delicate colour of her cheek patches.  This cushion/pillow now sits by the digital photo frame, alongside her sister.


I am currently working on the outer sleeve.  I have embroidered her name.



All the other parts are ready but need to be assembled.  Watch this space.

Love you, my beautiful ‘Tilla.


Remembering Raspy: Velvet pillow

Previously, I had posted that I had started to make a new “home” for Raspy’s remains.

Her final resting place is now complete.

I was not happy with the original writing on the inner sleeve, so replaced the wonky writing with…. wonky embroidery…  I chose to do the letters in a colour closely resembling her cheek patches.

Newly embroidered yellow velvet inner sleeve

This little yellow pillow is now inside a little blue pillow.  One side is blue velvet, soft to touch as Raspy was.  The blue is similar to the colour she was before her first moult. I embroidered some wild grass underneath an early photo of her.

Light blue velvet side of outer sleeve

The other side of the pillow is a cotton material with a feather design.  It has shades of blue & green which are very close to her colours.  Next to a favourite photo of her, I have embroidered her name in yellow – the colour of her little face.

Feathery cotton fabric on other side of outer sleeve

You will notice I have done one side portrait & the other is landscape.  This is so I can be flexible with where I keep the little pillow.  Currently, it is beside the digital photo frame, ready for a gentle touch & a quiet remembrance each night at bedtime.



Night night my beautiful Raspy Bella.  Have sweet dreams of wild grass & millet….. x