Blue newbies – their first fly

About a week after I moved the blue newbies next to the Silver Villa (click here to read that post), I started opening their door for them to come out.  To entice them, I tied raffia around the door opening for them to chew on.  At times they would come tantalisingly close to the open door:



On the 23rd December 2016, Perry was the first to venture out:


Then he was off, followed closely by Lennie:


That is always the nerve-wracking part, especially when you know they have not previously had an opportunity for a proper fly.  They did quite a few laps of the room before landing on the manor, where Bezukhov & Dalai were.  That was the cue for more holding of breath.  What happened next is in the next post….


Side step speed footwork

Phineas still likes to regurgitate to my finger or thumb.  There are several locations where he prefers this activity to happen.  One location is on the open door of the Ferplast.  This flat area showcases nicely his habit of interspersing regurgitation with side step speed footwork.



A straw & the door

Now that Phineas & Thomas have the lounge to themselves (see Separation post) I thought it would be nice if they could eventually share a cage.  This would get the number of cages in use down from three to two.  As I have concerns about some of the bars on the Ferplast, I am keen to phase this cage out.  This means attempting to get Thomas to share the folding cage with Phineas.

Knowing that it took Thomas 3 weeks to emerge from the Ferplast, I suspected that he may have a problem with small doors.  The folding cage has a large door on the front which has a small door within it.  Phineas is happy using the small door, though I do recall he initially used to go back & forth in front of it some time before he worked out it was the path to Cagney.  For Thomas, I decided to make use of the larger door, but when it is open, it sticks up above the main cage, which has always put me off.  Some thinking was needed.

A-ha!  A jumbo drinking straw was what I needed.  I got a green one & slit it along the edge & simply slid it along the top of the door.  Now it was more like an actual perch, rather than something that got in the way of flying.  The door itself is held up with pegs (what would I do without pegs?!)  I put a rope perch from the outside snaking sneakily to the inside.

Now to watch & wait!