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Guest Post: How to avoid taking your medicine

How to avoid taking your medicine



They say that ‘prevention iz better dan kure’.  For this post, I translate that saying into, ‘freedom iz better dan kapture’.  The single most important thing you kan do to avoid taking your medicine iz to ‘Stay Free And Avoid Kapture‘.  Once I am free of the Manor and able to go where I please in the rest of the world ¹, then it’z all bets off…. No medication today!

A tip to avoid kapture in the Manor iz to go to the far reaches where the human’s short featherless wings can’t reach.  This tip also works out in the rest of the world ¹, where a safe place iz on top of the Manor which iz too high for the human’s short featherless wings and short legs.

Bezukhov 1      Human 0

If you have fallen at this first hurdle and have been kaptured, there are still other ways to avoid taking your medicine.  My main method kan be summarised thus: ‘Wriggle, wriggle, wriggle… wriggle like the wriggliest wriggly worm would wriggle‘.  In essence, to keep moving means your beak iz never in the same place for longer dan a millisecond, thus avoiding the medicine-loaded firing implement ².  A kunning plan, doncha fink?

Bezukhov 1     Human 1

Sometimes, the human in question, will attempt to use a kloth of some sort to kontain you.  This kan be a challenge.  I find this next method quite effective, ‘Rotation‘.  It’z a subset of wriggling really, but deserves its own mention.  Wriggling in a rotating way means that when the human adjusts the kloth to find your head, it’z often facing away from the human, thereby making administering of medication impossible (unless the human is a kontortionist which my one izn’t).  The human will then have to temporarily put the medicine launching device ² down in order to use both hands to adjust the kloth to get you in the korrect position but this iz another opportunity to wriggle.


Bezukhov 2     Human 1

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More medication (continued)

Following on from my previous post (More medication), administering of medication continues:

  • Day 4 of medication (Saturday)

AM: Caught Bezukhov in the Manor.  Most medication given but a drop was below his beak & I think I managed to scoop it up & put it in.  Afterwards, I normally, get Cagney back in the manor so we can start the morning from scratch again, but this time Bezukhov wanted to stay out with Cagney.  9.7/10
PM: Attempted to catch Bezukhov in the Manor.  He managed to slip through my fingers about five times.  Then he continued to give me the runaround around the room.  In the end, I gave up.  The good thing was that he was clearly on good form & was not even out of breath with all the coming & going.  -1/10

  • Day 5 of medication (Sunday)

AM: Caught Bezukhov in the Manor.  Full medication successfully given. 10/10
PM: Finally managed to catch Bezukhov after he kept slipping through my fingers.  Suspect he only got a tiny, tiny bit of medication, due to all the wriggling.  1/10

  • Day 6 of medication (Monday)

AM: Caught Bezukhov in the Manor.  Most of the medication given.  8/10
PM: Another runaround session.  He had some medication though I did notice a big blob on his head.  4/10

  • Day 7 of medication (Tuesday)

AM: Caught Bezukhov in the Manor. This time I suspect there was an air bubble in the medication so when I pressed on the dropper there was a spray of medication.  I hope it is good for feathers…. 6/10
PM: Bezukhov was successful in his bid not to be caught.  0/10

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More medication

Previously, I had posted on Bezukhov’s visit to the vet.

Since then, although Bezukhov recovered initially from the visit itself, he was certainly not back to his old self.  He was sleeping most of the time & alarmingly, stopped chirping.  Was this a result of his ordeal or a further symptom of whatever health problem he was suffering from?  Either way, it has been most upsetting.  This is Bezukhov… babbling Bezukhov…. who will chat to anything, inanimate or animate.

We got partial test results back on Tuesday 13th May.  These indicated an infection.  The antibiotic Clavaseptin was prescribed.  Ms Exotic Hospital Vet (EHV) said it could be mixed in apple juice or water.  I mistakenly thought this was something I could put in their usual water bottle but she corrected me, no it is to be given orally.

[Oh dear]

How often?

Twice a day.

[Oh deary me]

How long for?

Eight days.

[Oh deary, deary me]

I picked the medication up that evening so the military operation could begin first thing Wednesday morning.

Though it is often recommended to catch a bird with a cloth, I prefer to catch with my hand.  With a cloth I am worried a wing may be still be opened up or they are in an undesirable position which is not immediately apparent as it is hidden by the material.  That said, it is handy to hold the bird still in a cloth in order to administer medication.  My method is to catch by hand, then hold close to my chest whilst draping the cloth around them.  It is worth noting that the cloth used should not have too open a weave that claws can get caught in.  Equally, when held to the chest, I make sure my top is smooth enough not to entangle claws.

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