Lennie and the Long Perch

Recently, to encourage Perry & Lennie to explore a bit more outside their comfort zone, I rigged up a long perch between the two cages.

As the cages are both the same & alongside each other, when their main, middle doors are open, it lends itself to having a perch connecting across them.  It just needed to be a long perch, which fortunately I have.  Once in place, Perry & Lennie naturally ignored it, but at least were not scared of it.  Extra encouragement was needed, so I pegged some seeding grass to it.  Eventually, Lennie decided it was worth braving this new perch for the treat.

When I saw him jump on the perch, I grabbed the camera & filmed:


As you can see there was the obligatory faffing about, a brief chew of the prize, followed by tucking into grass nearer to him!


Hand Navigation System (HNS)

Atilla can be quite the explorer when she is in the mood. Admittedly she sometimes gets a little helping hand from me, but it is all under her instructions. 

When sat on my hand she indicates where she wants to go & I lower or raise her to her destination. Occasionally she changes her mind or maybe I interpret the instruction wrongly & she wants to return to the starting position but more often than not, she will continue indicating where she wants to go until she reaches the target destination.  Any wrong turns or not acting quick enough result in a nasty nip to my finger tip, otherwise I get little squeezes to encourage me.

She has been the first to explore the inside of the folding cage.  She was also the first to eat seed from that cage resulting in Bezukhov following her in to join her, comfortable in the knowledge that if the leader is eating there, then it must be safe.

Atilla also likes to check the toys I hang from the bottom of the folding cage (a storage place!)

If I leave a favoured toy, perch or swing on the box under the Manor then Atilla soon knows about it & wants to investigate.  If the toy has a mirror, then she likes to visit on a regular basis.  She has been known to sit at the bottom of the Manor (under normal circumstances the Manor floor is a big NO-NO) waiting for my assistance to visit the Undermanor area.

Under the folding cage

A few weeks ago, I thought it was time to introduce the Puddings & Toyboys to the new folding cage.  I set it up & moved it to the middle of the room.  The toyboys whizzed around the room, avoiding the new cage.  So, who was the first to investigate?  Yes, a pudding…. it was Raspy.  Though to be accurate, she was not that interested in the cage itself, but more what was on the shelf underneath…..

Here she is beside the new cage but clearly wanting to go back to the shelf underneath to carry on chewing the bedtime cover….

She spent ages that day running around that shelf…. 

My Chu Chu Bella