Remembering Raspy: Air punches

20101202_142212_bRaspy used to do “air punches”.  These are similar to air kisses but the intention was not quite so affectionate. 😉

She would do the air punches quite often when she was snoozing.  It was like she dreamed or thought of something or someone distasteful & lunged at the air, in a reflex action.  It was also a way of telling someone (naming no names, but Cagney comes to mind!) in a polite but firm manner that she was not amused & to please keep their distance.

I occasionally see the toyboys do an air punch & it immediately makes me think of my beautiful, feisty, no-nonsense, Raspy-Bella.

Remembering Raspy: Not sure

Raspy was a self-assured, feisty pudding.  She did however, have moments when she was not sure about something.  Or she could not decide.

How was this apparent? 

She used to move her shoulders slightly & move her wings away from her body a little.  The movement was like a little squirm.  I imagined her saying to herself in her head, “Hmm…. I’m not sure about that….“, or “Hmm… should I go left or should I go right?“.

Atilla does not do this, even though she does have indecisive moments.  The toyboys tend not to think or analyse as much as the puddings anyway. 🙂