Gallery of battle scars

My blood drawn
My blood drawn
My blood drawn (again)
My blood drawn (again)
Phineas with injured toe
Phineas with injured toe
Close up of Phinny's toe
Close up of Phinny’s toe
Thomas & his bloody eye
Thomas & his bloody eye
Thomas & Phineas
Thomas & Phineas

Following on from my previous post on Fight Combinations, I have attempted to limit having only Phineas & Thomas out together.  If Cagney is snoozing in the manor then all is relatively calm.  However, when Cagney moves, both Phineas & Thomas want to be in prime position & this is when a fight can happen.

Most of the time Thomas flies away but he is not scared of standing up to Phinny  & at times he proves this.

Other times, it appears that Phineas is flirting with Thomas & starts to get a bit excited & possibly a bit aggressive.  Unfortunately, Thomas has no interest & this sometimes sparks another altercation.

Either way, I have to keep my eye on the two of them.

Though I have tried to limit their “fighting times” & also supervise them in the hope of averting a clash, there are times a full blown battle occurs.  Under normal circumstances, Thomas would flee my hand but I know a fight is bad when he does not.  In these instances I slip my hand between the two boys & usually get a hard bite (from Phineas) for my trouble.

I have spotted Phineas with a red blob on his toe which must have come from another scrap.

By far the worst outcome so far has been a scratch above Thomas’s eye.  Blood poured down from it & initially it looked alarming.  Fortunately, it was just a superficial wound.  Despite him rubbing it a lot (most probably to get the blood out the way) it was clear his eye was not damaged & he was still flying & landing fine so vision was also not affected.

Apart from the fights….

….all is good.

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Complicated combinations

Previously, I had posted on the Toyboys Return, but had not unlocked or unleashed any of the miscreants lovelies.

Since then, I have been letting them out in one’s or two’s or even three’s but not four’s.

There are certain timings & combinations which seem to work reasonably well.

Firstly, it is worth pointing out that Thomas can go a long, long, long time without having to eat.  (Water is always available from the Thomas Bath).  This quirk of his unfortunately can go against him as once he is out, he generally does not go back home until absolutely famished at (appropriately) bedtime.  However, if he is let out too late in the day, he will have eaten later & so the need to sleep will overtake the need to eat.  This means there have been about 3 nights when I have had to catch him in order to get him home for bed.

Usually, I let out Cagney & Bezukhov first.  They have a little fly & a mooch around.  Bezukhov likes to sit in the Ferplast which is now the spare, chill-out cage.

After awhile, I may let Phineas out.  We will have the usual situation where Phineas turns into Cagney’s shadow.  However, it is pretty much guaranteed that there will be no fights.

The other alternative is that Cagney & Bezukhov go back home to the manor & I let both Phineas & Thomas out.  This combination is not as calm as the previous one.   Phineas & Thomas both seek Cagney’s attention through the cage bars & at times, this can result in a fight.  Thomas is very keen to flirt with Cagney but that makes Phineas jealous.

So, in summary we have the following:

Fight_combination_tableFight Combination Table 1


It was with a heavy heart that I decided to split up my flock.

After the mayhem that I last reported on, I decided they needed some cooling off, some downtime, some peace.  Oh wait…. that may have been me that needed those things…..  Actually, I felt their behaviour left me with little choice.  So, Cagney & Bezukhov have been temporarily moved to my bedroom, leaving Phineas & Thomas in the lounge.  In a way this is reverting back to an earlier stage of quarantine.

The logic of this new arrangement is to see if Phineas & Thomas can get on together & then I can perhaps introduce them to Cagney & Bezukhov (again) as mates.  Perhaps this will make a difference?  Only time will tell.

Fortunately, the toyboys have settled well in the bedroom.  They were out & comfortably flying around the room quickly.  Because of a lack of landing areas they do a lap or two & return to the manor each time.   Surprisingly, so far I have only found one tiny toyboy poop on my pillow.  I would prefer a mint but I am not complaining….

Day one of only Phineas & Thomas in the lounge resulted in Phineas knocking about the room all day by himself whilst Thomas chose to stay in the Ferplast.  Here is Phineas having a shout & I suspect ordering Thomas to come out & join him:

However, come late afternoon, Thomas emerged.  Phineas got very excited to have some company:

Thomas was only interested in having a bath though:

However, after he had dunked himself in the water, he seemed happier to socialise: 

During the evening they settled on the playgym together.  Unfortunately, they both seemed to have forgotten where their homes were, so as it got quite late, I had to grab them & pop them in their respective cages.

Thomas & Phineas snoozing on the playgym
Thomas & Phineas snoozing on the playgym

That was the routine for the next 3 days… Phineas came out & had to entertain himself until around 5pm, when Thomas came out, had a bath & was then ready for socialising.

So far, so good.  All is calm

A mad day of fighting and flirting

Who knew that flirting could cause such mayhem.  Indeed, cause such fighting… 😦

They were all out.  Cagney & Bezukhov were chasing Thomas, wanting to flirt with him.  Phineas chased Thomas to fight with him.  Thomas wanted a little flirt with Cagney but Bezukhov wanted to flirt too & of course Phineas was incensed that Thomas appeared to be taking Cagney away from him.

As Phineas was actually out to fight & not flirt, I grabbed him first & put him back in his cage.  This should ease things.  However, without Phineas, it seemed Cagney & Bezukhov were more likely to fight with each other, over Thomas.  It was just chaotic, as can be seen from this shameful video:

As it was easier to catch Cagney & Bezukhov, (Thomas is still suspicious of my hands) I managed to grab Cagney & put him in Thomas’s cage, (the Ferplast has small doors so it was easier to keep him in).  I then grabbed Bezukhov & put him in with Cagney.  The two of them carried on fighting for a few moments, rolling around the floor, but as they were now separated from Thomas, quickly ran out of steam & finally managed to compose themselves.

This left Thomas out on his own.

Peace reigned, albeit temporarily.  He briefly went in the Manor for seed, but otherwise, settled first on Phinny’s cage for a preen, then on the Ferplast.

After a few hours I quietly opened the Ferplast door.  Bezukhov came out first.  He had a blast with Thomas.  They were running around & flirting & getting on very well together:

At an opportune moment I managed to lock Bezukhov in the Manor & then Cagney came out of the Ferplast.  Thomas, was more than happy to have a flirt with him:

Again, at an opportune moment, I managed to also lock Cagney in the Manor with Bezukhov.  This left Thomas free to go back to his own home.  Alone.

In the odd calm moment, I could not help but be reminded of one of my earlier post “Who’s chasing me??“.  With all the shenanigans, still no one was chasing Phineas….

At the end of that day I was left confused about the best thing to do next….

Unfeathered forehead

In a previous post I had mentioned Phinny’s forehead was looking quite bare.

He lost his feathers above his cere quite suddenly.  In fact, the morning I noticed, my first thought was that he had been in a terrible fight, but then I realised he had spent the night in his cage on his own & not even he, Mr Trouble himself, could manage to fight on his lonesome.  So the missing clump of feathers, as alarming as they looked, must simply be due to a moult.

Over the following days, his forehead looked rough.  Very rough.  Poor boy.  But then the pin feathers started coming through & he returned to being his usual handsome, troublesome self.

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Big for his boots?

Is Bezukhov getting too big for his boots?

Too big for his boots?

The last two evenings he has been wanting to get close to Atilla.  This evening, having all spent a trouble-free day locked up in the Manor (thanks to PuddingCam staying online I know this is true) they, read Bezukhov, went a bit mad when let out.

Atilla, as usual, made straight for the Poang chair & ducked under the tea towel to begin chewing.  Interestingly, Bezukhov decided he wanted to sit next to Atilla on the ladder & would not let Cagney sit there.  Of course it was Cagney’s right, as Atilla’s boyfriend, to sit there, so there was a lot of chasing but Bezuky managed to seize the ladder position.

I wanna sit next to her!

However, he then tried to engage with Atilla by pecking at the tea towel & trying to peer underneath it.  Atilla was not impressed & would bang the tea towel back or lunge at him or simply ignore him.  Meanwhile, Cagney was clinging onto the back of the chair to feed Atilla under the cover (to show his rightful position). 

At one point, Bezukhov dared to nip under the tea towel with Atilla!  Sharp intake of breath!  I quickly put my hand there in case he needed a quick getaway & indeed he did & emerged with wide-eyes, very much like he had seen a ghost.  He did not go under that cover again.

Dare I touch her tea towel?

When Atilla stopped chewing & wanted to stretch her wings, both toyboys crowded around her, wanting to be the one closest, even fighting to be the one next to her.  When Atilla tried to break away from them, it looked like a rugby match where she has the ball (or IS the ball!) & the boys race after her & dive on her & it ends in a scrum!  Had there been an opportunity I would have locked Atilla up to give her some peace & left the toyboys out to cool off. 

Strangely, when they are all locked in the Manor, there are no silly shenanigans.  Either way, I think Bezukhov has still been a little big for his boots this evening.

You're such a great leader, boss. I really look up to you!

Scarface Cagney

Yes, the toyboys have been fighting again. 

The major fights are only ever over the Puddings.  The usual scenario is that both couples have synchronised hanky-panky but when Cagney & Atilla finish, Cagney then wants to take on Raspy, regardless of whether her & Bezukhov have finished their rumpy-pumpying & regardless of whether Raspy actually wants to boogie-woogie with him. 

Bezukhov sometimes gets fed up of Cagney trying to get it on with his girl & this is the result…..

I present to you, Scarface Cagney:

Dat chick he's with – she like me.

Bedtime barney :(

Normally both Puddings & Toyboys are quite well-behaved come bedtime.  However, tonight there was an incident….

They were covered up but I was watching the TV (on mute so as not to disturb them!) & there seemed to be a bit of faffing about. I did not take much notice but then there was a commotion…. Raspy was on the floor & as she climbed up the side of the cage, Cagney was aggressively pecking at her & caught her head at one point. She stayed where she was as she could not move up as Cagney was preventing her. As she moved to the side he jabbed at her again. It seemed the only way was down. I poked two lollipop sticks through the bars to try & contain Cagney to allow Raspy to get up to a perch. She finally got to the swinging perch in the corner & Bezukhov sat beside her & very sweetly tried to preen her head but she was a bit too stressed to appreciate it….

A bit later, with the TV off & lights low, I checked on them… Only Atilla & Cagney were in the loft area. Raspy & Bezukhov were still on the swinging perch.  Then a little later, Bezukhov moved to a swing in the loft area, leaving Raspy on her own in the corner (still on the swinging perch) & preening. It is possible she may stay there all night to avoid another altercation with Cagney…


Bezukhov the Bruiser

This morning, as I was getting ready for work, the boys had a humdinger of a fight.

I was in the kitchen & heard this terrible row.  I found the two on the floor of the cage, Bezukhov had pinned Cagney down & was not getting off!  Cagney was growling loudly & was on his back, unable to move.  Bezkukhov was not pecking at him, just holding him down.  It seemed he had no intention of moving away.  In the end, I opened the cage door to pull Bezukhov off.  He still did not budge even when I had my hand around him.  He must have been sooooo annoyed with Cagney!  Anyway, I finally prised him off & Cagney seemed fine & not injured.

Before I went into the kitchen, Bezukhov & Raspy were getting amorous…. I suspect Cagney had been distracting Bezukhov from “getting it on” with Raspy.  I have seen this happen where Cagney seems to think it is okay to “join in”.  I believe this morning it was the last straw for Bezukhov.  Let’s hope Cagney gets the message that a threesome is not welcome!

I take no prisoners


Update: Threesome, anyone?

Mad half hour….

I had just settled down to watch Antiques Roadshow when all hell broke loose in the Manor.  Would you believe it…. Cagney was chasing Raspy… Raspy was running/flying away from Cagney…. Bezukhov was chasing Cagney…. Atilla was looking on in shock.  I was putting my hand between Raspy & Cagney but Cagney was climbing over to get to Raspy & Raspy was lunging at Cagney because, let us face it, she is not the type not to fight!  The chase came out the cage & all 3 were tearing around the lounge!  It was a bit hairy to be honest.  I had visions of wheeling the Ferplast back in & segregating them (interestingly I still have not dismantled the cage… just in case!)

In the middle of all the commotion, Atilla decided to investigate but lost her footing & fell out the cage door.  Fortunately I was standing right in front of it, trying to calm down Raspy who was on my hand, holding her wings out & with burning tootsies from the stress.  Atilla landed on my stomach & promptly let go of one of her trademark enormous, sloppy pre-egg poops onto my slipper…..

Raspy sat on my shoulder for awhile & Bezukhov sat next to her when he was not chasing Cagney away whenever he dared even look at his girl.

Things seem to have calmed down & they are now all sat in the Manor.  And people wonder why I don’t get anything done!