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Fluffy floor

It is moulting time again.  For the toyboys at least.

I came home yesterday to a floor full of fluff…


Both Cagney & Bezukhov have lost a tail feather…


They are snoozing more (much to Phinny’s distaste)….


Edible toys

Atilla is often in the mood to play with her vegetables rather than eat them.  Her playing usually means tearing it apart & chucking beak size pieces all over the floor/room.

Here she is demolishing a piece of baby corn:

A continuation….. when she gets something in her head, she will not be distracted from it… hence this poor piece of corn being  ripped apart in one session: 

Poop pictures

We are long overdue for a poop update!  As expected, Atilla is the primary contributor to this post.

Atilla has moments of being active.  When she is, she poops more often & they are smaller poops (though still larger than the other three’s poops).  However, she does still have lazy times when she is stationary for awhile & these times usually coincide with when they are locked up in the Manor. 

She is still able to produce humungous poops.  With the new laminate flooring, these poops can splatter quite a bit on impact from up high.  Evidence in the slideshow below….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

PS. I can’t help but think that the laminate flooring pictures would be good candidates for the Ink Blot Test. 😀

No one puts baby corn in the corner

No one puts baby corn in the corner except Atilla, who shreds it & throws it all over the Manor… all over the floor… & into at least one corner of the room….



I left another two pieces on top of the Ferplast.  Moments later I looked & there was only one left & no sign of the other…  Until I peered underneath the radiator….

Jammed behind the radiator

Another prod and poke

Mr Vet & his Lovely Assistant visited yesterday.

Atilla has given me cause for concern as she has been losing feathers on her belly/chest area.  She has been looking rather tatty.  That is unusual for Atilla as she is normally the most well-groomed of them all (when Cagney has not been climbing all over her).

Prior to the visit, I lured the toyboys into the Ferplast with spinach & locked them in to lessen chaos.  As usual, there was the usual scenario of Mr Vet chasing Atilla around the Manor.  She slipped out the front cage door & slid across the floor.  Mr Vet’s Lovely Assistant quickly scooped Atilla up.  The catching process was as fraught as before but a lot quicker.

Mr Vet gave Atilla a good prod & poke.  He asked lots of questions about her eating, pooping & if she was still vocal.  At that point she started growling at him & I said, there’s your answer….

The diagnosis is that Atilla has a fatty lump on her chest.  Mr Vet said it is soft & he could move it around a bit.  He did not consider it serious…. BUT he did say I should check if she loses weight or loses her appetite.

When Mr Vet & his Lovely Assistant departed, I let the girls chill a little longer before letting the toyboys out.  Cagney & Bezukhov find it difficult being parted from their girls, even with them being just inches away.  As soon as I opened the Ferplast door, both boys shot out to be with their puddings.  It is very touching to see them be so affectionate & want to feed & preen them.

Here is (not so) bad boy Cagney giving Atilla a much needed head preen after her manhandling by Mr Vet:

Surfing the remote

The toyboys like playing with the TV remote.  I usually leave it on my chair & when I return, find one of them trying to change the channel. 😀

I left it on the floor one time & got this footage of them:


Callin’ out around the world, are you ready for a brand new beat?
Summer’s here and the time is right for surfin’ on the remote.
Surfin’ in the Ferplast (surfin’ on the remote)
Down on the laminate floor (surfin’ on the remote)
In the Manor….

All we need is millet, sweet millet,
There’ll be millet everywhere
There’ll be swingin’ swayin’, and records playin,
Surfin’ on the remote


It’s that time again!

My lounge has turned into MOULT CITY!

Poor Raspy lost both her tail feathers yesterday.  She has been looking quite sorry for herself, especially as she has lost some flights too. This evening was the first time she had a fly in days.

The toyboys are looking a bit ragged.  Atilla usually looks good when going through a moult & this time is no exception.

Feathers all over the new floor

Feathers all over the towel in front of the Manor

Feathers in the corner of the Manor

Feathers in t'other corner of the Manor

Ankle deep in feathers....

Handful of tail & flight feathers

Raspy with no tail