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Fluff face

Perry had a big piece of fluff in the middle of his face.  It was there for ages, so I got some photos…



Just 5 days after Cagney debuted his fashionable head fluff, I found Phineas copying his style:



Head fluff

Cagney normally panics when he has a bit of fluff on his face.  The latest bit of rogue fluff made its way to the top of his head.  He did not mind it there so was happy to carry on with his activities, sporting the new look.


Rogue fluff

Despite all the preening & sorting out of their feathers, every so often, a rogue bit of fluff spoils their image….

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… apart from Thomas… he still managed to look cool. 🙂

No photos of Cagney here.  I think that is because he panics so much that I feel bad taking a photo!

Fluffy fascinator

The toyboys are moulting again.  The weather has been very changeable so I am not too surprised.  There is fluff everywhere.  The boys tend to have a bit on their heads, ceres & beaks & occasionally stuck to a wing or a belly.  Bezukhov has learned that if fluff falls off, leave it, do not peck at it.  Cagney will panic when there is fluff on his face but when he finally manages to get it off, he promptly pecks at it & it gets stuck to his face again.

Here he is, wearing a fluffy fascinator on the back of his head:

Height of fashion, yes?

Bezukhov is lop-sided.  He has lost his spots on one side of his face.  The other side still looks fine.

Spotless right profile

Spotty left profile

DIY nesting material

Atilla continues to be very busy behind the chair.

She is being very industrious & is now manufacturing her own nesting material:

First shipment of nesting material

I kept finding bits of fluff scattered around & when I investigated further, found it had come from the (rapidly thinning) tea-towels she is continuously chewing. 

Tea towel No.1

Tea towel No.2 and chair cover

Flustered over fluff

Moustache fluff, BEGONE!!

Cagney is such a strong, capable, confident toyboy….. isn’t he?

Well he IS….. unless he comes across a stubborn bit of fluff that will not leave his head, eye, cere or beak….  in which case he gets very flustered, flying all over the place, shaking his head & generally behaving like a girl.  (Not a pudding mind…. a girl – there is a big difference).

Eventually he manages to shake some sense into his head & gives it a good rub on a perch until the fluff moves to another equally irritating part of his head & he carries on rubbing until the offending fluff is finally flattened against the perch, never to darken a budgie head ever again.