Boiled egg treat

It has been a little while, but since Bezukhov’s moult has hit him hard, I decided some boiled egg was in order.  Both toyboys happily tucked into their treat.  Cagney more so than Bezukhov…

Thomas managed to eat some too, in passing.  He really is very good at trying new food. 🙂

8pm x2

It appears that 8pm is the magic hour.

Appointment-30167-mYesterday evening, for the first time ever, Phineas went back to his own cage to eat!  He had been out for hours & had not eaten.  Even when the Manor was open he would only ever steal a seed or two as he would be too excited to actually stop to eat. 

Several times I have thought of leaving him out & waiting for him to go back of his own accord (without having the song & dance of grabbing him) but he has never shown any interest in his own lodgings….. until last night, at 8pm, when he made his way back to eat supper (well, actually lunch, afternoon tea & supper rolled into one).  Hallelujah!  As it was near bedtime, I closed the door behind him.  Ideally, I would like him to know that going back for seed does not mean he will be locked in but as it was late I felt there was not much choice.

This evening, at a few minutes to 8pm, he went back in again for seed!  So, that is two evenings now when I have not had to chase him!  Underneath it all, he is a very good boy. 🙂

Round & around the egg dish

Why is it that feathered kids (fids) go round & around a food dish when the food inside is the same?  Does it taste different from the other side?  I am guessing it is a case of the grass being greener on the other side, i.e., the egg being nicer on the other side.  Budgies sure don’t like to miss out on anything!

Here is a short video of the toyboys going round & around the egg dish:

Here is Atilla joining the toyboys…. clearly she needed to approve of both the egg dish AND the camera.

PS. I was not completely sure of the use of the words “round” & “around” so I have used both to cover all bases. 🙂

Nowhere to hide

Ryvita, here I come!

You can run, but there is nowhere to hide – especially if there is food & Cagney has not had first dibs!

Now, why would he not have first dibs?  Well, because it is human food & not birdie food.  The other day I wanted to eat my ryvita in peace so I sat at my laptop as they generally do not fly over to that corner.  As soon as I sat down, Cagney did a few fly-bys.  I thought, I will ignore him & just carry on eating & working……

I was resting my elbow on the table, holding my slice of tuna-topped ryvita & typing with the other hand, when Cagney flew over again but this time landed on my hand that was holding my snack!

Naughty boy!!!

I swiftly removed the ryvita but he was not going anywhere.  To appease him, I dipped my fingertip into some of the crumbs & offered him that.  He nibbled a little but then flew back to the Manor, I think to tell the others it was not worth their while a trip to the far corner of the room.


Mmm… Mortadella!

Today I found that Cagney also likes mortadella!  As usual, he landed on me as I was bringing my snack out of the kitchen.  The mortadella was too tempting for him… he was desperate to try it.  I had a slice of carrot already waiting for him but no, he wanted to try the mortadella.  I tried covering it with my hand but he was nudging his way underneath.  He is a very persistent fellow!  I think he had about 2 or 3 tiny nibbles before I retired to the kitchen to finish my snack.

(BTW, that’s a stock photo…. my snack wasn’t quite as elaborate, being just cheese & mortadella on ryvita).


Not what I ordered

Cagney has got quite bold & often, when I come out the kitchen holding something, he wants to know if it is something he can eat.  He will usually do a “fly by” just to check he is not missing out on any yummy food.  Today, I had ryvita with tuna pate.  This seemed to intrigue him.  As I was walking to my seat he landed on the edge of my plate.  However, the look he gave me was very much a “What is this?  It’s not what I ordered!

When I sat down, he had to check it out again & this time landed on my plate & actually pecked at the tuna pate.  It definitely was not what he had ordered. He went on his way, probably a bit disappointed….