Pretty as a peach

As mentioned in my previous post on Thomas’s ongoing health issues, Mr Exotic Vet suggested feeding him “orange fruits”.  Despite the extensive array of foods that Thomas tried in the Vegducating Thomas series, there was only one fruit included, apple.  And that is not orange.  In fact, the Toyboys & Phineas have never been offered an orange-coloured fruit either.  The situation had to be remedied.

Enter a peach!

Thumbs up, or rather wings up, from all boys!

From the above photos I think you will agree that all the boys are “pretty as a peach”. 🙂


VeGducating Thomas: Apple

Continuing in the VeGducating Thomas series, I am happy to report that Thomas is also partial to a little apple.  In fact he likes apple so much that when he sees me approach with a slice between my fingers, he actually approaches me.  He is still not tame & generally does not like my hands but when I have food he tends to make an exception & will happily munch direct from my fingers.

fresh_apple-133886-everystockphotoSadly, I have no pictures as evidence, usually because I am holding the apple.  I tend not to peg the slices up as they go brown so quickly.

All my boys love apple so I make sure they all have some.  Phineas, particularly, will really gorge on it.

Fruit league table

I thought I would try & keep track of what foods the puddings & toyboys like/dislike.  This post concentrates on fruit.

Firstly, fruit is generally a no-no.

Apple is the exception.  The puddings will confidently lick a slice of apple & maybe even nibble a tiny bit, however they are not really too fussed whether apple is on the menu or not.  In contrast, the toyboys rate apple very highly & will heartily chomp away.  Of course given that they both feed their girlfriends, the puddings will land up with some regurgitated apple inside them anyway.

Grapes are scary.  Well, in PuddingLand, grapes are definitely scary.  Even peeled ones.  I have yet to try a grape on the toyboys.

Strawberries have been tolerated.  They have been tentatively pecked at but not ingested.  The red colour may be putting strawberries at a disadvantage.  I will try again with the toyboys.         

When the puddings were little, they loved figs.  Unfortunately, there was a long gap before they had figs again & they were that bit older & more suspicious so were not tempted to try them again.  I will try the toyboys with fig…..


Apple : 8/10 (points lost due to Puddings disinterest)

Grape :  -100/10 (based on Puddings opinion only)

Strawberries : 1/10 (possible room for improvement)

Figs : 4/10 (assumption that Puddings will enjoy them once they get the taste again)