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Phineas & the spray bottle

Although I have been reporting on lots of bathing activities, during the hottest part of our mini UK heatwave, The Thomas Bath has not been touched.  I suspected that bathing would be too much of an effort.  To encourage them & hopefully help to cool them down a little, I thought we would combine a bath with a misting.

I decided to spray water across the corner of the ferplast, over the bath.  Phineas is familiar with mistings so knew what was coming when I emerged with the yellow spray bottle.  I started spraying over the bath & he quickly cottoned onto what was happening & went straight for the bath.  What was funny though, was that he kept coming out the bath to peck at my fingers on the spray bottle as if to say, “Don’t stop, but hang on until I get back in the bath“, as then he would run back across the top of the cage to the bath.  He did this many times.  His behaviour really made me chuckle!

Eventually, I put down the spray bottle & filmed this comical & demanding little grey man:

As an aside, during mistings, my puddings used to approach the spray bottle – Atilla more so than Raspy.  In fact, Atilla used to want to peer down the nozzle!  I had to keep my eye on her as I do not think she would have forgiven me had I sprayed a jet of water into her eyes.  The toyboys have always steered clear, although when out of my hands, the spray bottle did hold some fascination.

Just so you know I have not been neglecting the toyboys in quarantine my bedroom, they have been getting mistings too.  Because of the heat, once again, I think they felt it was all too much bother.  However, on one occasion they did both get a little wet & here is a half decent photo I got of Cagney:

Cagney during a misting

Cagney during a misting

Too cold to blog

It’s not really too cold to blog, but the weather has been “changeable”.  We have gone from a mini-UK heatwave to shivering & having to put the heating on in June.

Atilla, Cagney & Bezukhov do not know whether to shed their feathers or keep hold of them.

Over the last few weeks they have all either moulted, stopped moulting and/or started moulting again.  Atilla started moulting first & apart from the odd loss of flight feather, appears to have stopped moulting.  Not so long ago, Bezukhov had a head full of pins.  He got rid of these & became all sleek & handsome again.  However, he now has some more head pins…  Cagney appeared to escape the moult until recently where he has started losing lots of feathers, including a tail feather. 

I blame the changing weather!

Too hot to blog

Cagney says it is too hot to blog.

I am inclined to agree with him. 

He does not help matters though, & does still insist on some boogie-woogie-ing with Atilla.  This makes him extra hot. 

I have been spraying water on them to cool them down during this mini UK heatwave.