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Tales from Quarantine – Vegetables & Salt (3 of 8)

During quarantine, I introduced Moriarty to vegetables, with varying success.  Actually, truth be told, not a lot of success!  He was not scared of what I was offering, but did not really eat anything with any gusto.  Post-quarantine he has expressed more than a passing interest in apple.  I am hoping that more time spent with Perry & Lennie will encourage more vegetable eating.

Trying the baby corn


First bite of broccoli:


The salt lick has been popular with all birds I have introduced it to & Moriarty was no exception:

Moriarty & the salt lick


Lennie’s Pleasurable Places

This post has been a long time coming & because of that, is quite long & video heavy.  Warning over!

From early on, Lennie began to wiggle & jiggle when & where he could.  He has come across as experimental but it is possible he has just not been fussed & made the most of whatever was available at the required time.  In the following videos you can get a flavour of his open-mindedness.

1st December 2016 – Raffia toy.


14th December 2016 – Perch, holding onto millet.


22nd December 2016 – White seed feeder.

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More fans of the salt lick

Sperry Perry & Lennie Dennie are the latest members of the Salt Lick Fan Club:



Poop bomb

Phinny & a poop bomb

Phinny & a poop bomb

Phineas has a very fluffy bottom.  Whilst this is a lovely feature in itself, it can cause problems with poop.  When a bottom is exceedingly fluffy, the feathers may not part enough to let poop pass.  This means that sometimes poop gets caught on the feathers on the way out.  If not removed immediately, subsequent poop may land on the already caught poop.  Over time, this creates, what I call, a poop bomb.

Usually, with a bit of activity, which in Phinny’s case can often mean the hand jive, the poop bomb is dislodged.  A stubborn poop bomb that becomes enmeshed in the feathers may take more work to dislodge.  Recently, Phineas had one of these stubborn poop bombs dangling from his bottom feathers for about 2 days.

When preening, I have seen him manage to get hold of a poop bomb & then fling it away which explains why I find them in all sorts of strange places.

Whilst I am on the subject of poop, at one point Phinny’s poop bombs were marbled, i.e., the individual poops were not well defined, resulting in a marbled poop bomb.  I was not happy about these as they suggested something was not right.  It was not long after this, that I introduced the salt lick.   After a day or two of licking the salt, Phinny’s poops became better formed again.  Coincidence?  Possibly.  Or perhaps the salt helped in some way.





Upside-down salt

A sure way to get Dalai to sample something new is to let him see Bezukhov or Phineas eating it right in front of him, or in reality, right above him.  This technique worked with the wild grass which I laid across the top of his cage.

A salt lick had been languishing at the bottom of his cage since he arrived.  Dalai showed no interest.  However, when I placed it on top of his cage, where Bezukhov & Phineas could lick it, his curiosity was ignited.  It did not take long for him to crawl across, upside-down, to investigate.  Once he licked it, he was hooked.  We have another fan of the salt lick.

Dalai licking salt upside-down

Dalai licking salt upside-down


Bezukhov, Phineas & Dalai with the salt:



Salt Lick

Increasingly, I have noticed Himalayan Salt Licks being advertised for pets.  Originally, I did not take much notice as it seemed at odds with also being told that too much salt is bad for us.  Gradually, the message filtered through that the salt licks offer numerous health advantages & of course for humans, pure Himalayan pink salt is thought to be beneficial.

Whilst doing an online supermarket shop, I noticed they sold salt licks for pets.  I popped one in my basket.  When it came, I was still a bit dubious about putting it out for Bezukhov & Phineas, so I put it aside for the time being.  Not long afterwards, Phineas started licking the Manor bars.  It was very odd & a little worrying – had I cleaned the bars properly?!  They have the iodine mineral block which both regularly nibble & also cuttlefish that they tend to play with rather than chew.  Was Phineas looking for some other minerals?  Whilst I was pondering that, I remembered I had the salt lick.  Perhaps I should try it?

Initially, I put it on the floor of the manor, in a corner where Phinny would sometimes go to lick the bars.  He did a double-take when he first saw this lump of pink, crystallised rock.  To his credit, he plucked up courage to peck at it & let it know who was boss & in doing this, got a taste.  It did not take long for him to discover that he liked it!  In fact, he was so enthusiastic about it, I was worried he might overdose!  So, when he was not looking, I took it out & put it on the shelf under the cage.  He saw it there & still wanted it.  He tried to get down there but was not agile enough.  I changed tack & decided to put it on the window ledge.  This way it would be available but slightly out of the way.


It did not take long for Phineas to follow it to the window ledge where he snorted licked more.  After awhile, Bezukhov also investigated, but had to do some nifty side-stepping to get around Phineas.

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