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The All Clear

Cagney had a follow-up visit with the vet on Tuesday 1st September.  I nearly cancelled the appointment as he seemed so well but thought it best to take him in case the Ms Exotic Hospital Vet (EHV) spotted something that I had missed.

Reunited after Cagney's vet visit

Reunited after Cagney’s vet visit

Cagney having a flirt

Cagney having a flirt

We arrived on time but there was a delay so we were waiting for about half an hour.  In that time, Cagney was getting more & more stressed.  It was difficult to calm him down with all the different noises at the surgery.  He was even panting at one point.  I thought this would affect his heart rate.

When it was our time, Ms EHV was visibly cheered to hear that Cagney had improved.  She said that just looking at him he looked much brighter.  She asked if he had been vomiting or if he had had trouble flying, which he has not.  His heart rate was checked & she declared it completely normal!  This was a relief, particularly as she said that on the Saturday (22nd August) his heart rate was “through the roof”.  I noticed she had not used that phrase at the time, probably so as not to make my heart rate go through the roof with worry…

As Cagney appeared so well, she said all medicine (antibiotics at this point) could cease.

It is thought he had an infection.

So, right now, we are very happy that Cagney is back to normal, with pink feet, a normal heart rate, normal temperature & the energy to eat, fly & flirt!

Return to the travel cage

Following on from my previous post on Thomas & his health problems, there was initially no change.  However, by the time I spoke to Mr EV again, on the 20th, Thomas’s breathing started to look laboured, particularly when he tried to be more active.  It seemed that Mr EV felt another medication was necessary but had trouble sourcing it.  He was going to a conference & promised he would find out about this & let me know the situation on the 22nd.

Return from vet after syringing

Return from vet after syringing

Bezukhov flying near

Bezukhov sitting near

Over that weekend, Thomas’s breathing got more heavy, even when he was not doing anything.  A visit to Mr EV was booked for Monday 25th.

So yesterday, Thomas was back again in the travel cage.  I bundled him up, with a heat pack in the bottom, & whisked him off to Mr EV.  He was once again examined & Mr EV confirmed he was wheezing.  He agreed with me that it appeared Thomas had lost a little weight (he felt lighter to me when I grabbed him to put him in the travel cage).  He confirmed again that there was no lump in the vent area, although it was still swollen.

The good news (hopefully) is that Mr EV had managed to get hold of the medication: Ornicure Doxycycline.  It is powder to be dissolved in drinking water.  The sachets have a picture of a pigeon on the front; it is typically for racing pigeons & cage birds.

So, Thomas was bundled up again & rushed home to warmth & familiarity.  He was still covered over as I carried him back into the lounge & he started chirping as he heard the others & they responded to him.   No doubt they were asking, “Where ya bin, mate?”  And no doubt Thomas responded that he had been to hell & back…

He was placed back on the coffee table, & unwrapped.  I needed to sort out his medication.  The sooner he starts drinking it the sooner we will know if it is going to help….

I went into the kitchen to start measuring 1/3 of the sachet & 250mls of water.  On my return, as I glanced at Thomas’s cage, I could not see him!  Had he escaped?  Read more of this post

Thomas still unwell

Recent medication for Thomas

Recent medication for Thomas

Thomas looking through teething ring

Thomas looking through teething ring

Thomas with his head through the teething ring

Thomas with his head through the teething ring

Further to my previous post on Thomas being unwell, I report that there is little change.  😦

Though there have been few blog posts recently, there has been ongoing background activity regarding Thomas’s health.  During the last vet visit, Mr EV suggested another antibiotic.  This was prescribed the following day on the 30th October – Baycox.  Fortunately, to be administered in water.   After some days on this, there was no change.  Mr EV asked for a fresh poop sample which I supplied on the 5th November.  This was taken to the lab to be analysed.  The results came back on Friday 8th.  Thomas has Pasteurella bacteria.

Mr EV told me not to be alarmed if I googled this.  Naturally I did & it appears to be linked to the bacteria found in cat’s saliva which is known to be toxic to budgies.  Mr EV said that the bacteria is naturally present in their gut but in Thomas’s case the levels are higher than they should be.

In the meantime, he prescribed more Baytril but needed to get hold of another medication.  This was Critical Care Formula.  Thomas (& Phineas) have now been on this since the 12th November.  As there was no change after a few days I contacted Mr EV & he said to wait until the 19th.  This is what we are doing.  So far, no change in his poops, though I do believe Thomas is a little more active & vocal than he has been.

Cagney, Bezukhov & Phineas are fine, though a bit under the weather as they have been moulting.

Thomas is still eating & still enjoying his vegetables.  When out, he mostly sits on top of the Manor.  He half-heartedly monitors Cagney.

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Antibiotics, wheezing & toenails

Over a week ago, Thomas was prescribed antibiotics (Baytril) for an infection.  This was added to the water & he has been drinking it.  There should have been an improvement in a few days, however, on around the sixth day, I contacted the vet to say there was no change.  He suggested an alternative antibiotic (Septrin Paediatric Susp) to be administered by beak once every two days.

This I did for poor Thomas.  Well, I attempted to do it.  The first time I was not sure how much, if any, I managed to give him.  The second time, Thomas was smart & decided not to open his beak.  It was clamped shut.  I was holding him firmly (though his head could move) & we eyeballed each other for what seemed like an eternity, waiting to see who would crack first.  He finally opened his beak to bite my finger & I tried again to give him a drop of medicine.  Who knows how much he actually took.  He certainly took a little chunk out of my finger.  Perhaps the taste of blood would cancel out the taste of the nasty medicine.

On the third occasion, I was a bit more prepared & felt confident he had a proper dose.

However, after 3 doses, there was no change.  His poops looked exactly the same.  There was nothing for it, I called in the troops….. Read more of this post

Thomas back in the travel cage

Just recently I have been concerned with Thomas’s poops.  The white bits have been looking yellow.  Yesterday he seemed a bit lethargic too.  A visit to the vet was in order & that happened today.

Last night I put some white paper in his cage to catch some overnight poops.  Today, I transferred it to the travel cage so the vet could see his stress-free poops (assuming poops done whilst in the travel cage may be extra abnormal due to stress).  After giving me the runaround, I managed to get Thomas & transfer him to the travel cage.  It was about an hour before the appointment so I popped the cage on top of the ferplast, in a nice sunny spot, by the window.  Thomas seemed to settle quite quickly.

Only Phineas was out at this point.  He largely ignored Thomas in the travel cage & focused on monitoring Cagney.  However, he did wander over briefly at one point & peered across from the safety of his own cage.

(Click on photos to enlarge)

When the time came, I carried Thomas off to the exotic vet.  Fortunately, he is temporarily practicing at the surgery just around the corner so I could simply walk Thomas there.  It was indeed a quick & simple walk but by a main road, so Thomas would have heard all the hustle & bustle & police car sirens (they could have waited until Thomas was safely at the vet’s!)

At the vet, whilst we waited, I took some of his covers off & could see he was stressed by the journey.  Poor boy.

Mr Vet examined some fresh poop under a microscope & confirmed there was bacteria & therefore Thomas had an infection.  He also gave him a prod & a poke & felt able to rule out any other causes, primary or secondary, for the infection.  We thought it may have been brought on by stress through his living circumstances (fights).

The short-term solution is a course of Baytril.

On our return home, I popped Thomas, in his travel cage, back on top of the ferplast & within moments he was back to normal & jumping around.  He must have been so relieved to return to a familiar place.  Not least a place with Cagney in.

I was not sure what to do next.  Whilst thinking about it, I made up some water with the antibiotic & put it in his cage, hoping he would take a slurp.  I then decided I would put him in the ferplast for some rest & recuperation.  I put some fresh seed in, millet, his medicated water & some broccoli, hoping to make him feel comfortable.  He seemed quite relaxed & spent a lot of time preening.  He ate some millet & some broccoli but I did not see him drink any water.

Later this evening, coming up to bedtime, Thomas got very restless & started going down to the door of the ferplast.  He wanted out!  What to do?  Well, I let him out!  Rightly or wrongly.  He immediately flew over to see Cagney, but then went & sat on the perch near Phinny.  I sensed he wanted to go back home but was out of routine & did not know how to.  After a little runaround, I managed to catch him & put him back in with Phineas.  And then put the medicated water that was in the travel cage, then in the ferplast, into their cage…

All is back to normal again.

I just wish he would drink his water though.  Still, tomorrow is another day…

Orange patch

A few days ago, I noticed a strange orange-coloured patch on Atilla’s lump.  It did not look right so I dropped an email to Mr Avian Vet, with a photo, asking if it was something I should be concerned about.  Here was his response:

This is a localised area of infection – possibly because she has scratched or rubbed the surface. Initially I would treat it with some antiseptic cream such as Savlon, E45 or similar.

So, not only does she have a horrible hernia/lump, there is now an area of infection on it. 😦  I already had a tube of Savlon so I have been applying this twice a day.  It has been a relatively easy task as Atilla still likes going inside the tea towel at the back of the chair & her lump is very conveniently positioned for me to gently smear some cream on.  So far, the orange patch seems contained.  Atilla is still fine in herself & does not appear troubled by the infection.


The good news is that Atilla’s infection has cleared.  Her poop is looking normal again (well, Atilla’s kind of normal).  She has been far more alert, chirping & has even tentatively chewed my sleeve for a few seconds.

The not-so-good news is that they are now moulting.  Atilla, Cagney & Bezukhov have been dropping feathers & fluff, left, right & centre.  Atilla has lost both her tail feathers & is now being called No-Tail ‘Tilla.  Cagney & Bezukhov have also lost a tail feather each but do have the remaining tail feather & are just about keeping up appearances.

All three have been very quiet & sleeping more than usual.

Two poorly puddings (2 of 3)

Whilst Raspy was resting, I was able to turn my attention to the others.  Atilla did not seem her usual self…  In fact, she dozed on my shoulder for about half an hour which was unusual as normally she would use the opportunity to chew my jumper or my hair or ear.  When I changed their bottom paper, I found that Atilla’s poop was far from normal…. very green & watery.  If you can imagine a mushy pea soup, then you will get the picture…

So now I have two poorly puddings….  As the evening wore on, I could see that Atilla really wanted some peace & quiet, so quickly cleaned up the travel/hospital cage (again) & put her in there.  After much faffing around, I managed to persuade the toyboys to spend the night together in the Manor, whilst Raspy rested in the Ferplast & Atilla was in the hospital cage.  Naturally, I checked on both puddings through the night….

Morning came & Raspy was no better.  She was not worse, but not better either.  Atilla’s poop was still dreadful.  Better call the vet….  I managed to book her in with Mr Exotic Vet (back from his holiday) for that afternoon.

As the day progressed, it seemed that Raspy got worse & was straining but nothing, not even poop, was coming out.  About an hour before the vet appointment, she fell off the perch.  She got back up again, but by this time I was really worried about her.  I put her in the hospital cage with her sister so I could take them both to Mr Vet.

By the time I got to Mr Vet, I was all choked up at having two poorly girls.  I filled him in on what had happened to Raspy since he had last seen her on the Friday.  He checked her over & could not feel an egg.  He also checked to see if there was any obstruction in her vent area as she had not been pooping & said all was fine there.  He suggested I take her home & give her some painkillers as she was most probably still uncomfortable & sore from the operation.

He checked Atilla over & said she had an infection, probably brought on by the stress of seeing her sister ill.  He gave her antibiotics to clear the infection up.

We got home around 16:30.  I could hear both toyboys shouting from my front door.  As soon as I brought the girls into the lounge, they calmed down a little.  I immediately put Raspy in the Ferplast for more rest, however, she seemed worse….