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Beak update

A little while ago I posted that Cagney’s beak was getting a bit too long.  Putting the iodine block on the landing platform seemed to prompt him to file it down more frequently & it is now looking a more manageable length.

Good boy Cagney

Good boy Cagney

I have treated the toyboys to millet as Phineas has been having it to help him settle in.  Here is a video of Cagney tucking in.  His beak is looking in fine form.

Short toenails, long beak?

Cagney appears to be keeping his toenails under control & they are a reasonable length at the moment.  However, the other day I got a shock when I saw the length of his beak!  I have never seen it so long!  It has always been quite long & pointy, particularly compared to Bezukhov’s, but now it has got far too long.

They always have an iodine block in the Manor.  There has always been an iodine block in the spare cage.  In fact, the toyboys have usually gone into the spare cage specifically to chew its iodine block (pre Little Grey Man taking the spare cage over, of course).

To encourage Cagney to sort his beak out I have started putting an iodine block on the landing platform in the hope he will have a nibble on his way in & out.

Beak curling round to his chinny chin chin!

Remembering Raspy: Little cardboard box

Bezukhov & the little cardboard box

The iodine block is popular here.  They have one in the Manor & one in the spare cage.  There is also another one that had fallen off its holder that I put on top of the spare cage.  I popped it in a little cardboard box that conveniently holds a lot of the dust from where they scrape it.  It has been in the little cardboard box for some time now, always being nibbled so gradually getting smaller & smaller.  The box itself has been in various places, mostly the top of the spare cage & also on the tank on the window ledge.

So, why is this talk of an iodine block in a cardboard box under a “Remembering Raspy” post?

Well, my girl Raspy used to tip the block out & then fling the box over the side.

That was her little routine.  I would hear a thump & look over to see her triumphantly looking at the box on the floor.  Naturally, I would pick it up, pop the iodine block back only for her to dispatch the box again.

Since her passing, the iodine block has stayed in the little cardboard box & the little cardboard box has never gone flying. 

Raspy Bella – tosser of the Little Cardboard Box

End of British summer time

This weekend was officially the end of summer.  We need an official date as the weather is too unpredictable to work it out by that alone.  However, it has definitely turned chilly recently.

To make sure my little darlings are not cold of a night, I have now changed their summer bedtime cover for a winter one.  It is a new cover, bought especially for them & is an inoffensive beige colour (previous experience says that red is a no-no).

Last night was the first time I put it on.  Raspy, Bezukhov & Cagney did not bat an eyelid, but Atilla was on the alert.  This was something new & it had to be personally approved!  Atilla was soon to be found in the corner of the manor, chewing at it through the bars.  I am pleased to say that it passed the test!

Atilla is often the one to test out new things first.  I am sure she feels this is one of her duties as Flock Boss.

Today, the iodine block fell off its plastic holder.  (It gave us all a scare as it fell to the floor with quite a thud!)  Fortunately, I had recently bought a replacement one so put the new one in.  Who was first to investigate?  Yes, Atilla.  The iodine block passed the test too!

This evening, I am wearing my new pyjamas.  They were bought online & described as “funky“.  Basically, they are very bright & bold!  I put a plain cardigan over the top so as not to shock the puddings & toyboys.  They did all go quiet though…..  However, Atilla, being the leader, was the first to jump on my sleeve & have a little tentative nibble of my funky pyjamas.  I do not think they have been fully approved yet, so testing is still in progress!