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Seed junkies

budgie seed 1On occasion, I have temporarily replaced the boys seed with vegetables.  The reason for this is two-fold:

  1. It forces them to eat more vegetables!
  2. It means that Thomas can come out & once I replace the vegetables with seed in his cage, he will go in, giving me more control over his comings & goings if time is short.

canary seedAnyway, on Saturday, before I went out, I replaced their seed with vegetables.  This was around midday.  I returned by about 4pm & was able to let them out around half an hour later.

What a kerfuffle!  Where was the seed?  It was quite comical watching them look for seed.  I could not give in & give them seed as I wanted Thomas to have some exercise before going back home.  In the meantime I watched something along the lines of the following:

Cagney: Bezooks, did you see any seed in their cage?

Bezukhov: Nope.  I poked my nose in but they have vegetables just like us.  I contemplated going in the Ferplast to investigate but there isn’t usually seed in there.  Let’s have a doze in the loft area & hopefully when we wake the seed will have returned.

A few minutes later….

Thomas: Phinny dude, they have vegetables like us.

Phineas: I know Tom, I checked just moments ago whilst you were monitoring Cagney.  Maybe there’s some in our cage now?  [Goes to check]

Phineas: Nope, Tom.  In fact the pots where the vegetables were have been removed.  Does this mean we won’t have any food at all??

Thomas: Let me check.  [Goes to check]  You’re right, the pots have gone but the vegetables have reappeared in the dishes on the cage floor.  Have Caggers & Bezuky’s seed returned yet?

Phineas: Nope.  No change in the manor.  What’s going on?  It’s like some Twilight zone with no seed.  What’s gonna happen to us?

Thomas: I suggest we keep a close eye on Cagney as I bet he knows where there is some seed but is biding his time going to it. [Phineas & Thomas monitor Cagney whilst he sleeps]

Seed pots returned to Phineas & Thomas’s cage.  I go into kitchen to get Cagney & Bezukhov’s seed & return to find Thomas already eating his seed & Cagney & Bezukhov, wide awake, crowded around the open cage door:

Bezukhov: Thomas is eating SEED!  He has SEED!

Cagney: How comes?!  Shall we go in & eat from the other pot?

Phineas: Outta ma way!  That’s my home & there’s seed in it!  Dang!  Mama has closed the door!

Bezukhov: Wait a minute…. seed pots are being returned to the Manor!

Cagney & Phineas rush to eat from the two pots I have put in the manor.  I get the third pot & whilst I am still holding it, Bezukhov jumps on before I have a chance to put it in the cage.

Quiet descends.

Apart from the cracking of seeds.

budgie seed 2