The Phantom Un-knotter

Previously I had posted that the string holding the willow perch in the Manor had been untied (click here for the post).  The Toyboys were the obvious culprits yet now I am not so sure….

We have had another incident when a knot became ‘not a knot’.

Tied around the bottom of their rope perch on the outside of the Manor, is a toy with pieces of wood & beads on leather.  This is how it usually looks:

Knotted leather
Knotted leather

But this is how it looked after the incident:

Unknotted leather
Un-knotted leather

Using all my powers of deduction, logical thinking, formulas, calculations & behavioural psychology analysis, I am now thinking that Phineas is the Phantom Un-knotter.

Oh… plus if you look very, very closely at the photo above, you will see he has been placed at the scene of the crime & if I may say, looking a tad smug at what he had so expertly achieved.



Swing refurbishment

The other day I decided to do something about two of the wooden swings.  I was not happy about the exposed metal part so that was the main reason for taking them apart.  

The swings were more or less like the picture below.  The main difference is that they did not have so many wooden blocks so the top arc of the swing had exposed metal.  I did not like the string as it looked a bit dangerous so I replaced that with leather strips before introducing the swings to the puddings (pre-toyboys).

The first thing I did was prise the wire out of the bottom wooden perch so I could remove the wooden blocks.

After giving the swing & all the pieces a wash, I gathered all the possible pieces I could use to refurbish it.

I decided to use plastic straws as the main way to cover the metal.  I threaded on cut up pieces of straw (using the bendy part to go around corners!), beads & the wooden blocks.  In-between pieces, I tied leather strips & strips of colourful shredder.  I used a plastic disc with holes to hang it on a plastic shower curtain ring.  

[I like the shower curtain rings as they hook so easily over the bars yet the hook itself is quite deep so if there is a lot of swinging going on, it still will not fall off the bars.]

Here is the end result.

When I popped the swing back in the Manor, there was a little ripple of “Oooh… something new & scary!” & Bezukhov had to go to the far side of the Manor for safety. However, it did not take long for them to give it a poke in passing & now it seems it is Cagney’s preferred swing to lounge about on.  I often see him messing about with the different textures on either side.  🙂

New furniture

It has been some time since the furniture in the Manor has been rearranged. 

A part of my reluctance to move the furniture is that I want to keep the swinging perch in the same place, as that was Raspy’s perch.  It is interesting that the others do not sit on it.  Since her passing, I have seen them (Cagney, to be more precise!) sit on it twice & one of those occasions was a few seconds after I said, “They don’t sit on Raspy’s perch”!

Just before Christmas, Atilla, Cagney & Bezukhov received a lovely big parcel of goodies from a very kind follower.  In amongst the goodies is a book – I hope they do not mind that I read it before them.

There is also a delightful swing with lots of beads, leather & paper to play with.  I have hung the swing & the other swinging perch with the hole in, outside the Manor to get them used to them.  Atilla was first to investigate.  She promptly starting chewing the wood of the swinging perch.  She even pecked at the pretty swing but did not sit on it.

The pretty swing has now replaced one of their bedtime swings.  Gradually, I will replace/move the other furniture, & I suspect Raspy’s swinging perch will be the last to be moved.

For information, bedtime sleeping positions in recent weeks have been as follows:

  • Atilla – her perch but very occasionally a front swing.
  • Cagney – top of one of the front swings but very occasionally the peg.
  • Bezukhov – back top perch (he has claimed that as his) or top of one of the front swings.