Manor repurposed

As previously posted, the Manor is no more.  However, parts of the Manor have been salvaged, so it still lives on, in a somewhat limited & modified form.

The loft area

The former loft area, the dome-shaped part of the manor, that was typically the bedtime area, has been retained.  It was given a thorough clean & the lock on the top removed due to ingrained rust that could not be removed.  To join the two pieces together, I used cable ties & string.  To keep the shape, I trimmed some plastic perches (I knew I was keeping them for something!) & wedged them across the bottom at both ends.  These two changes produced a very sturdy structure, which can now be placed on top of a Villa & used as a playgym & general hang-out area.

The bottom grid

The Manor is made of substantially heavier material than the Villa.  This meant that the newly fashioned dome lay quite heavy on the thinner bars of the Villa.  Enter the bottom grid of the Manor.  The Villa is slightly shorter in length & wider in depth than the Manor so the bottom grid fits very neatly & securely across the top of a Villa, with a tiny overhang on one side (assuming the other side is flush to the edge)  Because the grid is resting on the two side edges of the Villa, essentially the frame of the cage, it is supported well.  The addition of pegs along the back of the Villa (which are holding up the back cover anyway) ensure it does not slip & for the ‘belt & braces’ effect, ties on each corner further secure it.

The Tunnel

The repurposed loft area is now known as the Tunnel, mainly because you can go all the way through it & out the other end.  The Tunnel is fairly heavy so it does not lend itself to much movement when placed on the bottom grid of the Manor, on top of the Villa (keep up!)   However, for extra security, I placed a couple of ‘thingamajigs’ (the pink plastic connectors of a ladder, seen in this post here) at the back of the bottom grid to be used as stoppers to prevent the Tunnel from slipping backwards.  A peg at the front stops it from slipping forward.  The Tunnel is removed each evening, by simply lifting it up, & placing it on my coffee table; this makes it easier for me to put their bedtime cover over the Villa, with the added bonus that I can easily clean the Tunnel & any perches & toys that are attached.

The Tunnel in position

Landing Platform

The Manor landing platform, a location of much activity in the past, has also been repurposed.  I decided to position it on the side of the Villa.  Once again, because it is quite heavy, I needed a strong way to secure it.  The D-rings used for the large Manor seed pots were screwed on to provide a base to rest the landing platform on.  A perch from the far edge of the platform running underneath to the Villa secures the right level & further ties ensure no slippage.

End Result

I am pleased to report that all the above changes have been accepted by all Villa occupants, most probably because of the familiarity of the parts used.

Welcome back to the bits of the Manor!

Night night!

For some time now, the toyboys have been sleeping next to each other on the rope perch in the loft area.  However, recently there has been a change in positions.  They are now back to sleeping on top of the round swing, either side of the shower ring that holds it up.

Bezukhov is usually on the right hand side & is quite cramped & hunched over because of the curve in the manor roof.

Here is murky & blurry proof (I did not want to disturb them with flash):

Look closely to see toyboys on top of round swing.
Look closely to see toyboys on top of round swing.

Update on bedtime positions

After about 3 weeks of not sleeping on a bedtime swing, Atilla has finally returned to the loft area.  This has meant we are back to shuffling again.

The last few nights she has slept on each swing, the back one, the front one & the round one…. generally whichever swing was available.  Tonight she claimed the front swing first.  Cagney settled on the round swing next to her & Bezukhov on the back swing.  This left Raspy still on her swinging perch & no bedtime swing, only the fixed perch left in the loft area.  I could see in her eyes that this was not an acceptable state of affairs.

Still, I was not too concerned because I thought there was still time for either Cagney to move to the top of a swing or Bezukhov to move to the fixed perch which he sometimes sleeps on.  In the end, Bezukhov got off his swing (I think only for a brief stretch) & Raspy dived on it quickly.  Bezuky decided to squeeze onto the round swing with Cagney but that caused a bit of a kerfuffle resulting in Cagney retiring to the top of Atilla’s swing which is where he probably would have chosen to sleep for the rest of the night anyway!

All is calm.  For now.