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Remembering Raspy: Loo Rolls

From very early on, Raspy was a fan of the cardboard inserts of loo rolls.  She would spend ages throwing them about.  The first time I saw her running along the back of the chair, waving the loo roll around, I thought she had got her beak stuck on it.  Then I realised this was a game.

In this video you can see that Atilla is a bit confused over Raspy’s enthusiasm for the loo roll: 

By this time, Atilla was sat on my shoulder, well out of the way of Raspy & the loo roll: 

As Raspy grew up, she never quite lost her fascination for a loo roll.  She was perhaps not as energetic, but still felt compelled to throw it about:

Note: Beware of any glue on cardboard loo roll inserts as this could be dangerous if ingested by your bird.