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For old times sake

Since Phineas has been getting some attention from Thomas, he no longer looks to me for attention.  I have missed the regular regurgitating sessions & also the hand jives.  I feel a little embarrassed to say I have felt somewhat insecure when he ignores me, though I tell myself it is good he has a feathery companion.

However, the other day, he graced me with a brief “bot rub” & a “gurgy”.  To say I was happy would be an understatement!  Underneath that independent, too-grown-up-for-mama exterior, he still loves me!

Phinny showing affection

Phinny showing affection

Love is….

……. preening each other:

……. preening together:

…… cuddling up at bedtime:


I heart budgies!

Recently, I have come across some rather appropriate feathers……

I cannot work out whose they are.  There is a slight tinge of blue (does not show on the photo) so I have to rule out Atilla.  Cagney does not have any dark markings so I will also rule him out.  This leaves Raspy & Bezukhov.  My educated guess is that the heart feathers are Raspy’s. 🙂

Whoo-hoo! Winners!

Raspy & Bezukhov have won the

September Star of the Month competition!!!!! 

The theme was Things Your Budgies Love.

Here is the winning entry:

Raspy and Bezukhov


The competition was organised by The Budgie Tree forum.  Click on the links below to see all the marvellous entries.  You will also get an idea of how stiff the competition was!

Poll 1

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Final Poll