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Fusion of Toyboys

The swinging perch with the mirror on the lower level has provided a fusion of the toyboys:

Head of Cagney & body of Bezukhov

Head of Cagney & body of Bezukhov


In a previous post, (click here) the ttmss swing provided us with the head of Bezukhov & body of Cagney.  This time it was reversed: head of Cagney & body of Bezukhov.


Hybrid Toyboy

Look at this amazing new budgie mutation…..  The head is Bezukhov’s colouring & the body is Cagney’s colouring! :0

Head of Bezuks & body of Cags

Oops…. that’s what happens when I get the ttmss swing out!

Bezukhov & Cagney

Here they are playing….

And yes, Atilla had already given permission that the toyboys could play with her ttmss swing….

Atilla giving the ttmss swing a kiss