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Crime Scene

Four weeks ago, on the 7th of March, I woke to find a disturbing crime scene.

Blood everywhere.

But fortunately two birds looking fine & strangely innocent.

The more I looked, the more blood I found.  It was all over the cage bottom, dripped & smeared.  It had spattered & sprayed on the floor outside the cage, up to 26 inches away (night-time cover only goes part the way down the front).  There was no sign of blood on their back cover & only a couple of drops on the inside of the top cover.  One drop managed to land sideways in Dalai’s cage on his platform perch.  Some drops were on the rope perches (lower to mid-level) but otherwise nothing on the perches.  Some drops of blood were on a seed trough.


Absence of significant blood on the perches ruled out a toe injury, plus there was no sign of bloody toes or feet.

Perry’s wing feathers were bloody but it is possible he had a (night) fright & may have fallen in the blood & smeared it, otherwise, there were no other visible signs of blood on Perry.  When cleaning, I found one wing feather that had splatters of blood but had that dropped before or after the bloodbath?  There were no visible signs of blood on Lennie.


My instinct is that it was a burst blood feather, but there was no sign of the offending feather itself.

Perry & Lennie were fine that morning, if a little quiet.  Millet helped.

Lennie & Perry preening


We were lucky – this could have easily had a bad outcome.  Please all, be prepared for such an event.  Check that your first aid kit is well equipped for an injury resulting in blood loss.  There are lots of resources on the internet advising what to do in such a situation.  If you have a trusted vet, then have a chat with them & see what their advice is.


Mystery poop

Some things are just meant to baffle.  I have given up trying to solve this mystery.

I had been out at work all day.  That morning, all I had done was uncover Cagney & Bezukhov in the Manor & Phineas in the NF (New Ferplast).  Their food & water was replenished.  All was as it should be.  I went out to earn some money in order to keep them in the manner (Manor?) they are accustomed to.

On my return, some 10 hours later, the first thing I spotted was a poop on the roof of Phinny’s cage.  It was on the plastic frame circling the roof area.  You can see its location in this photo:

Mystery poop: How did it get there?

Mystery poop: How did it get there?


How did it get there?  They were all locked in.  I would have noticed it in the morning before I went out, as I have a finely tuned poop-eye that zooms in on poops that are in places they should not be, or poops in places I do not want them to stay for too long.

How did it get there?

How did it get there?

And even, how did it get there?!


Who did the poop?!

Another mystery.  Not only do we have a mystery tail tweaker but we have a mystery pooper too.

Unusually, poor Cagney is the victim.


However, he is partly to blame in that he was sitting on the bottom rung of the swinging perch when the offending poop landed on him.  I am guessing the poop landed on his back, rolled down his side & settled below his wing.  Bezukhov was sitting on the perch directly above him.  Was it him??  Phineas was monitoring the toyboys above from the landing platform.  Was it him???

Cagney carried the poop for a few hours.  It must have been hard when he finally prised it off.