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Tales from Quarantine – Malfunction (7 of 8)

I have always thought that arranging the furniture in a cage is a skill.  There are lots of questions to ask, like will the position of this perch/toy mean it is covered in poop?  Will the toy be in an accessible yet challenging place?  Is there enough space for wings to be stretched or even for a fly?

I thought I had considered all things when rearranging Moriarty’s cage yet somehow he found a glitch in the design.  If he dismounts his swing in a certain way, one of the bottom bells gets caught in the Olympic rings!  Despite this being a fault, it almost turns into a new toy.  The swing’s bell is now in a great position to be biffed, & the swing can still be used, even at the funny angle!


Bell caught in rings



Tales from Quarantine – Olympic Rings (6 of 8)

As I rearranged Moriarty’s cage, he had new toys to play with.  It was good to see his curiosity in action & to see him exploring new things.  The Olympic rings have been a successful addition.