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Peeling a pea

Does anyone else peel peas for their birds?

Dalai & Perry like sugar snap peas (Lennie not so much) but tend to ignore them if they are not peeled.  They also eat more when I present a peeled portion of pea on my finger.


I have been reflecting on those who were here before.  Cagney loved a pea.  He would expertly hull the pea & eat the treasure inside.  Phineas also loved a pea but would eat the casing too.  He would chomp down & it was all gone in a second.  Some earlier posts on peas are here:

Pea preference

Peas, peas and more peas


Pea preference

Peas are still popular here.  I usually get sugar snap peas & mix them with other vegetables.  The peas are always picked out first, usually by Cagney.

Cagney & the peas:

Bezukhov eating a pea:


Phineas also likes peas but I do not have a photo of him with a pea in his beak, so here is one of him eating celery:




Peas, peas and more peas

Peas are very popular here.  Puddings & Toyboys enjoy a pea.  I either get mange tout or sugar snap peas.  If I am in the mood to pamper them, I break open the pods & scoop out the peas for them.  Often, if they are faced with a dish with multiple vegetables, including peas, they go for the peas first. 

Here are some photos of them enjoying their peas…. peas….. & more peas…..

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