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Toyboys eating pellets

Harrison’s pellets are always available on top of the ferplast.  Cagney, Bezukhov & Phineas all eat the pellets though seed is still their primary food.  There are two glass ramekin dishes.  Athough Bezukhov is a seed addict he is usually the one most likely to eat the pellets.  Naturally, if one is eating something, the others must follow.

Cagney has an interesting approach.  He likes to eat seed from the dish that Bezukhov is eating out of, but generally does not jump on the dish itself but manages to squeeze his head over & in.  Bezukhov does not mind when Cagney does this.  When he has had his fill, Bezukhov moves on & at that point, Cagney usually takes over the dish properly.

Here is a video of Cagney eating from Bezukhov’s dish.  He then goes to eat from the other dish which naturally then appears more appealing to Bezukhov…


Remembering my girls: Pellets

Recently, I bought a fresh bag of Harrisons pellets.  I feed these as a treat.  They are usually available in dishes outside the cage/s & all buds eat them.  I think Bezukhov likes them best as that is usually his first stop when he is let out of the manor.  Since Bezukhov & Cagney have been in my bedroom, the pellets have not been available as there is no suitable place to put the dishes.  As a temporary measure, I added two little bowls of pellets inside the manor.  Naturally, they have completely ignored these.  Being a bit soft, I decided to offer them the pellets by hand…

One for Bezukhov…. one for Cagney…. one for Bezukhov…. one for Cagney….You get the picture….

So, why am I wittering on about Cagney, Bezukhov & pellets when this is a post about Atilla & Raspy?  Well, I used to feed the girls pellets by hand too.  In fact, it was a little ritual.

Atilla & Raspy preening

Atilla & Raspy preening

Often, they would both be sat on their ttmss swing & I would offer a pellet to Atilla… then Raspy… then Atilla… then Raspy… etc.  Everything had to be equal with the girls – if I offered Atilla something, then I had to do the same for Raspy & vice versa.  No favoritism.  We would spend a good few minutes going through the routine.  It worked well.  Whilst one was crunching on a pellet, the other was being offered one.  They would often stretch forward eager for the next pellet.  Of course there were the odd times when “taking turns” was not observed but we managed to muddle through & I am confident Atilla & Raspy both had an equal amount of pellets.

So, feeding Cagney & Bezukhov the pellets was a nice little bonding experience, with the added bonus that it reminded me of my beautiful puddings. 🙂

Limpalong Cagney, sleepy Atilla & the Vet

Electric blanket on the Manor

The day after the Avian Vet visit, Atilla was still very sleepy & weak, in fact most of the time she could hardly open her eyes.  I kept her warm in the Manor under the electric blanket.  Her lump had got smaller due to the injection to reduce the excess fluid.  It now hung down flatly rather than being big & round.

Cagney carried on feeding her.  She did not accept any food/seed from me.  I boiled up an egg & mixed in pellets that I had crushed to a powder, crushed seaweed, a pinch of Guardian Angel & broccoli & sprinkled a few drops of water that had the antibiotic in.  I hoped this concoction would provide Atilla with more vitamins & hopefully more energy.

Cagney eating egg mixture

Despite Cagney gamely keeping up with feeding Atilla, his foot was no better so I decided to call out Mr Exotic Vet for the next day.

Come bedtime, Atilla made her way to the peg & after a little rest there, decided she wanted to sleep on the swing Bezukhov was on (the boys were sleeping on the two front swings).  It is possible that she did not even know he was there as she was still barely opening her eyes, but either way, she jumped on it & landed beside a surprised Bezukhov.  I offered my finger to Bezukhov who, still in shock, readily agreed to settle on the back swing.

Cagney feeding Atilla

The following morning, I found Atilla had made her way to the ttmss swing & was sitting there quite comfortably.  I handed up the water pot & she slurped from it.  She also climbed on my finger & walked up my arm, outside the Manor.  I moved near the plant pot stand & she jumped on it!  I think she appreciated the change of scenery.  She sat there for awhile, being fed by Cagney.  Bezukhov sat with them… all three on the plant pot stand.

Atilla's outing on the plant pot stand

When Mr EV & his assistant arrived, Atilla was back in the Manor & the toyboys were having a fly around the lounge.  Naturally, Cagney did not want to be caught & flew off whenever Mr EV approached.  Funnily enough, Bezukhov flew everywhere that Cagney did even though we were not after him.  Cagney got a little tired & eventually he was caught when he flew into the Manor to hide.

Mr EV confirmed that Cagney’s leg was bruised.  He cut his toenails as some of them were quite long & we assume he must have caught one, causing the bruising on his leg.  We were to allow more time for his leg to heal.

Cagney preening a sleepy Atilla

Atilla was still weak so Mr EV had a look at her.  He managed to prise off two large crusty poops on her lump that must have felt uncomfortable.  I explained all that had happened with Mr AV.  Mr EV said he would ring Mr AV & find out if there was any other medication to help Atilla.

It felt reassuring knowing that two vets would be discussing how to make my precious Atilla comfortable.

After Mr EV departed, I left them all locked in the Manor to calm down & rest.

Result of poop clearing

At bedtime, Atilla made her way to the peg & after a brief doze, launched herself at Cagney’s swing.  For a few moments, they were sat side-by-side, Cagney looking a bit shocked at her supposed decision to share the swing.  Then Atilla launched herself at the back swing where she settled for the night.