Through the round window

I once posted on Raspy through the triangular window.  Now it is Cagney’s turn.  Here he is, through the round window.… or rather through the top hole in the swinging perch, but that is not so punchy!

That little string of beads has always been popular.  Both Cagney & Bezukhov love playing with it.

Edible toys

Atilla is often in the mood to play with her vegetables rather than eat them.  Her playing usually means tearing it apart & chucking beak size pieces all over the floor/room.

Here she is demolishing a piece of baby corn:

A continuation….. when she gets something in her head, she will not be distracted from it… hence this poor piece of corn being  ripped apart in one session: 

Remembering Raspy: Loo Rolls

From very early on, Raspy was a fan of the cardboard inserts of loo rolls.  She would spend ages throwing them about.  The first time I saw her running along the back of the chair, waving the loo roll around, I thought she had got her beak stuck on it.  Then I realised this was a game.

In this video you can see that Atilla is a bit confused over Raspy’s enthusiasm for the loo roll: 

By this time, Atilla was sat on my shoulder, well out of the way of Raspy & the loo roll: 

As Raspy grew up, she never quite lost her fascination for a loo roll.  She was perhaps not as energetic, but still felt compelled to throw it about:

Note: Beware of any glue on cardboard loo roll inserts as this could be dangerous if ingested by your bird.

Still playing

It pleases me that the toyboys still play.  They are 16 months old now & probably should be classed as “adult” or “mature” birds.  They still behave like little boys though. 😀

They still like to play with their hammock:

Here they are messing about with the shredder toy:

The remote control is still a favourite toy:

The girls are not really into playing (chewing is their thing) so it makes me happy that the boys can hang out together & play. 🙂

Take that, you munch ball!

The Puddings & Toyboys currently have 4 munch balls.  I have been lining them up on the Ferplast.  Recently, Cagney has taken to throwing them off the top….. in a rather long-winded, elaborate manner – see videos.  Sometimes, this will be his last play before bed.  The other three will be tucked up on their swings & Cagney is still out, having a final fling with his munch balls.

(Of course Muggins here is the one who has to retrieve them from the floor each time…..)