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Remembering Raspy on her birthday

Happy birthday my beautiful girl.

On this day in 2008, dear Raspy hatched.  I met her less than 8 weeks later with her sister Atilla.  The two young sisters had a big impact on my life.

Here is a video of Raspy on the playgym:

Always in our thoughts.





…Hello New Villa!

After much thought, I decided to replace the Manor with another Villa (Liberta Oregon flight cage).

Though I wanted something with the same space as the Manor, I also wanted something that was not so tall & heavy.  ‘Heavy’ in a cage is a good thing as it indicates strength & durability, but over time I was finding it awkward & on the occasions when I dropped the bottom grid on my foot, painful!

The existing Silver Villa ticks quite a few boxes (not all – I doubt there is a cage in existence that has no bad points!)  Apart from needing to be a reasonable size, the other main thing it had to have was an adequately big central door, to enable easier catching of an occupant.  So, another Villa was chosen.  There are added bonuses: in the short term it would have a low scariness level in regards to introduction; in the long term having two homes that were essentially the same may help with any territorial issues.

The change warranted a clear plan of action.

  • Step 1: Assemble the New Villa.
  • Step 2: Remove Manor from the room.  Move Perry & Lennie, still living in their quarantine cage, from the left side of the Silver Villa to the right side, essentially where the Manor was, although alongside rather than facing the Villa.  The playgym reinstated in its proper place, left of Silver Villa.
  • Step 3: Dress the New Villa, using some Manor furniture/accessories to aid with acceptance.
  • Step 4: Move Perry & Lennie, in their quarantine cage to the other side of the room.  Bring in the New Villa & position in area they vacated, next to the Silver Villa.
  • Step 5: Let them all out & hope that Perry & Lennie will move into the New Villa.


The 11th March was the day scheduled for Step 2.   After capturing what turned out to be Bezukhov’s last meal in the Manor, it was removed from the room & the layout changed.  All went to plan.


Bezukhov is no fan of changes but he did welcome back his old friend the playgym.  Surprisingly, the playgym was new to Dalai but it did not take him long to join Bezukhov there.  By the following day, Perry & Lennie also visited the playgym.

Here is the animated version of Bezukhov’s reunion with the playgym & Dalai’s initial encounter:


After over a week of dressing the New Villa, the 20th March ushered in Step 4 of the plan.  Trying to make the changes as discreetly as I could, I carefully moved the New Villa right next to the Silver Villa, all the while gauging Bezukhov’s reaction, hoping he would not be scared.  Fortunately, he did not seem too put out with the new construction next door.  I moved the lamp from Perry & Lennie’s quarantine cage to the New Villa.

The New Villa

You will see that the New Villa is a darker colour than the Silver Villa.  It was described as ‘grey’ so I expected it to be the same as the Silver Villa.  It is actually closer in colour to the black bars of the quarantine cage.  Putting aside my general irritation that it is not the same colour (!) I worried that it may hamper acceptance.


For Step 5, when they were all let out, they naturally pretended the New Villa did not exist.  To encourage Perry & Lennie to spend the night in the New Villa, I bribed them with red millet.  It worked.  Here they are tucking in:


I hope they will all be happy with the New Villa.



The abandoned playgym

When Dalai came in from quarantine, his cage was placed where the playgym usually stands.  The playgym was relegated to the other side of the room.  Although it was just below one of their flight paths, they chose to ignore it & it gathered dust.

As it has been months since Dalai has been in his quarantine cage, I decided to move it out & reinstate the playgym to its original position.  Before doing this, I spruced up the playgym – the dust was removed, Tweety Pie was cleaned up & I put lots of inviting, curly, chewy paper over it.  I did not expect Bezukhov to descend on the playgym immediately as he is wary of change.  Dalai had never known the playgym to be in the “new” location so I was not expecting him to blaze a trail to it.

It was not a surprise to me to find it would take 2 weeks for it to be used.  Bezukhov landed on there, though I think he was spooked by something & landed there by accident.  He stayed there for a bit though & had quite a chat in his old haunting place.  Dalai seemed intrigued & flew by a couple of times but did not quite pluck up the courage to land.


Unfortunately, 3 weeks after Bezukhov visited the playgym, he has not been back.  Tweety Pie must be feeling quite neglected.



An Upgrade, a Move & some Tweaking

Cagney & Bezukhov live in the Manor.  They were originally quarantined in the old Ferplast (OF).  Phineas lives in the folding cage, where he was quarantined too.  Thomas was quarantined in the OF but then went to live with Phineas in the folding cage.

The OF, when not in use, has often been a chilling out cage.  However, I wanted to phase it out as there was some damage to the bars in places & I did not feel it was safe any more.

Enter the new Ferplast (NF).

The NF is basically the upgraded version of the OF, with a few design changes.  (The jury is still out on whether those changes are “improvements”).  My plan was for Phineas & Thomas to move into the NF as it is much bigger than the folding cage.  I felt that Thomas would appreciate the extra space to get away from Phineas at times.

Due to Thomas being unwell, I put off moving him & Phineas into their new home until he was feeling better, but the NF was set up & moved into the room, as the replacement chill-out cage.  Phineas did go in there briefly but otherwise it was completely ignored, most certainly by the scaredy-cat Toyboys because of its different colour (e.g., black bars instead of white).

Sadly, Thomas is now no longer with us.  I went ahead with the move anyway as the NF was ready & waiting.

Moving day was last week.  Read more of this post

Return of the play gym

Bezukhov & Cagney on the playgym

Bezukhov & Cagney on the playgym

The play gym has been on walkabout in recent months.  When Thomas, in the third cage, arrived in the lounge, the play gym had to be relocated in my bedroom.   There was a few weeks when the toyboys stayed in my bedroom & that time the play gym returned to the lounge.  On the toyboys return to the lounge the play gym was once again relegated to my bedroom.

It seemed a shame to not be using it, so I removed the top from the base & placed it on top of the ferplast.  Naturally it was ignored for a few days but then Cagney sat on it & the floodgates were open & now it is a regular haunt for all of them during their out-of-cage time.

(The base is still in my bedroom though!)

Atilla’s outing

Atilla had a fly today.  First time in ages.

She was sat on the top, bedtime perch this morning & had a little seed that I offered her.  Then she started looking like she wanted to go somewhere….. she jumped onto the landing platform & without hesitation launched herself off across the room.  She did not get far, but I was there to pick her up.  She seemed to want to go to the playgym so I placed her there.  She settled for a good few minutes.  Cagney was not far behind & regurgitated some seed for her which she readily took.

After a little rest, she looked like she wanted to return home.  She got on my hand but I was evidently too slow taking her over to the Manor as she decided to fly back herself but landed by the side.  I helped her into the Manor where she had a good, long rest after her exertions.

Atilla on the playgym with Cagney

Tattiness, sleep & millet

The Puddings & toyboys are having a major moult.

Raspy is taking it worse than the others. She has gone very quiet & does not even chirp or shout when I leave the room.  She sleeps a lot more & does not move much.  In the last few days she has flown to the window perch once, otherwise, any movement is restricted to in & around the Manor.  She is looking very tatty & sorry for herself…. so much so, that I went out & bought some millet. :0

They have all been tucking into some millet but I confess I have sneaked some extra bits to Raspy whilst the others have been occupied.

Atilla looks the best groomed of all of them but even she appears to be sleeping more.  She has spent most of today & yesterday dozing on either the swing or double-swing on the playgym.

The toyboys are still active though less so.  In the last week, I have actually seen Cagney sleeping, head under wing, during the daytime which is unheard of!

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I am hoping the Moult will be over soon!

New play gym floor

It’s not quite laminate flooring but it is just as easy to clean.  The design is not likely to appear in any ideal home exhibition but we like it!

Here it is in all its jazzy & colourful glory:

(Click on photos to enlarge)

You can see in the last photo that it has been christened.