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Chewy toy positioning

The chewy toy is still the favoured toy to sleep behind.

When Cagney hurt his leg before Christmas I removed the round swing from the Manor loft area to encourage him to rest his foot more.  In its place I put a short but wide perch.  I left the older, more threadbare chewy toy in its original place but moved the newer one across to the new perch.

When it came to bedtime & Cagney & Bezukhov made their way to the loft area to sleep, they each positioned themselves directly behind a chewy toy, as can be evidenced in these photos:

The chewy toy is also an ideal place to hide behind:

Bezukhov hiding behind chewy toy

Bezukhov hiding behind chewy toy

Strangely, they do not appear to be chewing either of the chewy toys much.  Perhaps they understand that once chewed the toys will be gone forever?  (They do not know that I have spare one!)  Or perhaps they realise that the more they chew the less effective the toy is as a hiding place?


Tucked up in bed

Bezukhov on front swing with Cagney on top. Atilla on swing behind.

Recently, the time for budgie bedtime has been dictated by when Atilla has finished chewing the back of the Poang chair.  Bezukhov is usually the first to want to go to bed & will sometimes get in a few naps before Atilla’s return.  Occasionally, he will go to her at the chair & try & persuade her to retire to bed but Atilla goes by her own timetable.

However, when she does retire to bed, the routine to tuck them in can commence.  Firstly, I usually offer seed to Atilla (makes a change from regurgitated seed).  Cagney joins her & they both squeeze their heads into the same seed pot.  When they are done, Bezukhov then wants to eat from that same seed pot, so I stand there holding it for him, even though there are another three seed pots in the cage.  Sometimes I let him eat from the pot before Atilla (depending what mood Atilla is in).  I like to make him feel special though I have to do this in a way that does not challenge Atilla’s leadership.

Atilla on front swing with Cagney on top, Bezukhov on back perch

After seed has been consumed, bedtime positions can be worked out.  This can change nightly but there is some pattern.  Cagney either sleeps at the top of a swing or on the back loft perch with Bezukhov.  Bezukhov is quite flexible & will sleep either on the back perch, a swing or the top of a swing.  Atilla will sleep on a swing or sometimes stays on her main perch (below loft area)

It does not happen often but some mornings, when I wake them up, they are all in different positions to when I left them the night before. 🙂