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Further fresh grass deliveries

After the first delivery, more & more came!  All gratefully appreciated by Perry, Lennie & Moriarty!





Thank you, rosebudgie!!


Impersonating a Toyboy

I am not sure which is worse, impersonating a Toyboy or impersonating a Doctor.

I had to do both!

Something for you

Something for you

Dr Charming Cagney

Dr Charming Cagney

In May, I posted about the arrival of fresh, wild, seeded grass in familiar yellow parcels, from our very kind followers Ian & Marshall & their devoted slave, rosebudgie.  Since then, we have had more welcome deliveries.  Unfortunately, I missed the post one day & was left with a “Something for you” card.  Only it was not for me; it was for Dr C Cagney!  From that, I deduced our fresh grass was sweltering in its plastic yellow envelope somewhere in the local collection office.

The parcel could not be collected until the next day but worryingly, along with the “Something for you” card I had to take proof of identification, which could be a valid passport, driving licence or debit/credit card.  To my knowledge, Cagney has none of these things!  Should I take my own ID & hope the post office worker did not notice I was not a doctor & also my name was not Cagney?

Well, I had no choice, so embarrassingly that was what I had to do.  The man behind the counter predictably asked for ID.  I gave him my driving licence.  He looked at it once.  He looked at it twice.  Then he looked at me & said, ‘The name doesn’t match‘.  At which point I crumbled & confessed that the parcel was not for me it was for my budgie, Cagney, who it seemed, was a qualified doctor.

With luck, he was no jobsworth, so after a little laugh, he handed the familiar yellow parcel to me & wished Cagney well.

Order was restored.  Wild grass, after given some air & freshened up, could be consumed.

Here, to date, is all the grass they have feasted on:

Thank you, rosebudgie & the Sharing Sausages!

Attack of the wild grass!

Atilla, Cagney & Bezukhov got a surprise parcel in the post yesterday! 

Their generous followers Ian & Marshall sent a lovely big bunch of wild seeded grass! 🙂

So I did not overwhelm them, I selected 3 small sprigs for their first treat.  The toyboys were still overwhelmed.  Actually, I think “scared” might be a more accurate word to describe their rapid retreat.  Clearly it had been so long since they last had wild grass that they had forgotten its delights.  Atilla was a little suspicious, but despite being poorly, pressed forward with her leadership duties & tentatively tried the grass first.

Once the boys saw her tucking in, they quickly rallied around  & joined her.

Somehow, I think they will be able to cope with larger amounts over the next few days. 🙂