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A shimmy, a shake & shiny paper

In the lead up to Christmas, a parcel arrived addressed to Bezukhov, Cagney & Atilla.  Inside was a present, wrapped up in lovely shiny paper!  It was such a surprise.  Their fans, Ian & Marshall were so kind to send them a gift to cheer them up after the horrible times they have had.  The mission was definitely accomplished & that was even without opening the present!

Come Christmas day though & the shiny wrapping paper was torn off, to reveal a lovely big bag of dried grasses!!!  Ho ho ho!!  Thank you Ian & Marshall. 🙂

As it has been some time since they have had wild grass, I thought I would break them into it gently.  Being as Atilla is the leader & likes to give her approval (or disapproval) first, I offered her a small piece first.  The video below shows her trying it & we have the contrast between her wanting to eat the seeds yet having difficulty overcoming the “texture” & having to shimmy & shake during the approval process.

I think we can say the grass passed the test. 🙂