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Love Your Pet Day, 2020

Today is ‘Love Your Pet Day’.  Of course every day is ‘Love Your Pet Day’.

My three feathery companions are all well.  They are moulting again (how is that possible?!)  Dalai has been extra grumpy because of that.  Perry is in good spirits despite his ever-growing lump.  Lennie is coping with his difficulty in flying by eating, but he has not thought that strategy through!

There is no discrimination on “Love Your Pet Day” as I also think of those long gone: our dear Raspy, her sister Atilla, handsome Thomas, incorrigible Phineas, cheeky Cagney & lastly, dear Bezukhov.  Today has been so rainy & Bezukhov loved to watch the rain…


Buckets of rain

Such a lot of rain!  Bezukhov & Lennie surveyed it all…



Count Bezukhov

Actually, what I meant to write, was an order to Bezukhov to count the raindrops running down the window, e.g., “Count Bezukhov, count!”  Readers of Tolstoy’s War & Peace will understand why I simply titled this “Count Bezukhov”. 🙂

Bezukhov has certainly had plenty of opportunity to count raindrops, as witnessed in these photos:


On the subject of War & Peace, in the UK, earlier this year, we were treated to a new BBC version: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/War_and_Peace_(2016_TV_series)

As my very own Bezukhov’s name came from the book, I felt I had to watch the series to see how well he was represented.  The drama appeared to get mixed reviews & one of the areas of criticism was over the casting; were the right actors picked for the parts?  It got me thinking that perhaps they would have been better off casting budgies?  In which case, how would the cast list look?

!! Spoiler Alert !!

It goes without saying that Bezukhov would be ideally cast as Pierre Bezukhov; both have big hearts & a noble spirit.  Tolstoy’s Bezukhov was on a great, spiritual journey, with twists & turns & ups & downs & through it all, everything he did was with the best of intentions.  My very own Bezukhov has had many ups & downs, with his health & the loss of his girlfriend, leader & best buddy.  Like Tolstoy’s Bezukhov, he has retained a lovely nature through it all & has been very forgiving & giving.

My next choice would be Atilla to play General Kutuzov.  She was a born leader, as it seemed General Kutuzov was.  She cared deeply for her flock, as General Kutuzov cared for his troops.  Both had great presence of mind.

Who would her sister, Raspy play?   Read more of this post

A budgie, the rain & a snowflake

Here is the lovely Bezukhov on the window perch, resting on one tootsie …



Wet & windy weather

We have had some wet & windy weather recently.  Interestingly, the boys find the sound of wind against the window more scary than the sound of thunder or fireworks.

When it is pouring down with rain & the window is covered in raindrops, Bezukhov is usually the first to investigate.  It is possible he is still trying to complete his study of rain that I reported about some time ago (click here).  This particular day, the other boys helped him with his investigations:

Remembering Raspy: Two years on

Two years have now passed since our Raspy left us.  I am taking the opportunity to remember her with this post.  However, the reality is that she is remembered every day.  It may be when I see/touch her velvet pillow, or simply looking at Bezukhov & remembering how she loved him & how he adored her. 

Various toys & perches also trigger memories.  She was most probably the biggest fan of the window perches.  She would spend ages looking out of the window, noticing everything, whether it was wild birds, squirrels, neighbours or simply the weather, in particular the rain.


Always in our thoughts.

A study of rain

The recent weather has given the boys a chance to study rain.  Bezukhov took the lead & did most of the research but Cagney joined him in the latter stages.  I expect a thesis very soon…

Best get started on this study...

Best get started on this study…

Can be a bit scary.

Can be a bit scary.

Too many raindrops to count.

Too many raindrops to count.

Raindrops vary in size & can be as big as Cagney's head.

Raindrops vary in size & can be as big as Cagney’s head.

Can be soothing & relaxing to watch.

Can be soothing & relaxing to watch.

Rain, rain, go away