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Love Your Pet Day, 2020

Today is ‘Love Your Pet Day’.  Of course every day is ‘Love Your Pet Day’.

My three feathery companions are all well.  They are moulting again (how is that possible?!)  Dalai has been extra grumpy because of that.  Perry is in good spirits despite his ever-growing lump.  Lennie is coping with his difficulty in flying by eating, but he has not thought that strategy through!

There is no discrimination on “Love Your Pet Day” as I also think of those long gone: our dear Raspy, her sister Atilla, handsome Thomas, incorrigible Phineas, cheeky Cagney & lastly, dear Bezukhov.  Today has been so rainy & Bezukhov loved to watch the rain…


Buckets of rain

Such a lot of rain!  Bezukhov & Lennie surveyed it all…



A budgie, the rain & a snowflake

Here is the lovely Bezukhov on the window perch, resting on one tootsie …



It’s raining cauliflower!

If you watch the video below closely, you will see it is raining cauliflower.   The toyboys occasionally go to the bottom of the Manor & eat poop.  I know…. urgh!  Anyway, this time they had to dodge the cauliflower hailstones….

And here is the culprit throwing the nuggets of cauliflower all over the place!