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Soft Bottom

For some time now, because of various illnesses & special needs within the flock, I have padded the cage bottoms.

When Moriarty arrived, he came with the Ferplast Canto cage.  Though he has officially moved into Dalai’s cage, he still has an attachment to his previous cage & is in & out of it during the day.

The folding cage was around for some time as an emergency hospital cage for Perry.  As that cage can be folded & stored easily, I have converted Moriarty’s Canto into emergency hospital quarters instead.  Part of the refurbishment involved padding the bottom.  Quite by chance, I came across two unused cushions that I could roll up & squeeze through the small doors.  These, wrapped in pillow cases, provide a lovely, thick, soft bottom.  I topped this with a piece of oilcloth & initially with newspaper but now with kitchen towel.

Fortunately, Perry has only spent small amounts of time in there (aside from the odd moment he voluntarily goes in for a change of scenery).


Tales from Quarantine – Malfunction (7 of 8)

I have always thought that arranging the furniture in a cage is a skill.  There are lots of questions to ask, like will the position of this perch/toy mean it is covered in poop?  Will the toy be in an accessible yet challenging place?  Is there enough space for wings to be stretched or even for a fly?

I thought I had considered all things when rearranging Moriarty’s cage yet somehow he found a glitch in the design.  If he dismounts his swing in a certain way, one of the bottom bells gets caught in the Olympic rings!  Despite this being a fault, it almost turns into a new toy.  The swing’s bell is now in a great position to be biffed, & the swing can still be used, even at the funny angle!


Bell caught in rings



An Upgrade, a Move & some Tweaking

Cagney & Bezukhov live in the Manor.  They were originally quarantined in the old Ferplast (OF).  Phineas lives in the folding cage, where he was quarantined too.  Thomas was quarantined in the OF but then went to live with Phineas in the folding cage.

The OF, when not in use, has often been a chilling out cage.  However, I wanted to phase it out as there was some damage to the bars in places & I did not feel it was safe any more.

Enter the new Ferplast (NF).

The NF is basically the upgraded version of the OF, with a few design changes.  (The jury is still out on whether those changes are “improvements”).  My plan was for Phineas & Thomas to move into the NF as it is much bigger than the folding cage.  I felt that Thomas would appreciate the extra space to get away from Phineas at times.

Due to Thomas being unwell, I put off moving him & Phineas into their new home until he was feeling better, but the NF was set up & moved into the room, as the replacement chill-out cage.  Phineas did go in there briefly but otherwise it was completely ignored, most certainly by the scaredy-cat Toyboys because of its different colour (e.g., black bars instead of white).

Sadly, Thomas is now no longer with us.  I went ahead with the move anyway as the NF was ready & waiting.

Moving day was last week.  Read more of this post

Rope for wood

After the vet visit when Cagney had his long, curly toenails trimmed, I decided to rearrange some of the perches in the Manor.

Given that night time is the time they spend mostly in the same place, I thought it would be a good idea to replace the the bedtime rope perch with a thick willow perch.  I put this diagonally across the loft area.  The round swing was swapped to the other side & the back swing swapped for another.  The chewy toy was simply moved to the opposite side so Cagney can hide behind it whilst sat on the perch.

I hoped these changes would not faze them too much.  That bedtime I found them sat comfortably on the wooden perch.  Since then, one or other of them has also slept on top of the round swing.  So, the bedtime routine is still largely unchanged.

With luck the wooden perch will help to keep Cagney’s toenails down.

Snoozing on the willow perch

Snoozing on the willow perch

Night night!


Last weekend I thought it was time to make the Manor more Atilla-friendly.

The main changes are as follows:

  • Seed pot reinstated.   This was the seed pot that was originally in the back-left position.  It was moved to the right side of the Manor as Atilla kept pooping into it.  She has not pooped in that location for some time now so I thought it would be nice to put the pot back & then they have 3 pots in a row & can eat together.
  • Perches alongside the seed pots.  Atilla has been looking a little uncomfortable perching on the edge of the seed pot itself.  I doubt that her lump helps, particularly from the balance point of view.  They now have perches close to the seed pots so they can eat seed from the comfort of a perch.
  • Lengthways perch.  I included a big perch that originally came with the cage.  It is the length of the manor.  This has been put along the top part so Atilla can simply walk from one end of the cage to the other.
  • Ladder1.  This ladder goes from the lengthways perch up to the loft area.
  • Ladder2.  This ladder goes from the iodine block down to the water dish.  Atilla now routinely slides down the “bannister” to get her water & then climbs back up.
  • T-perch.  I had already installed a t-perch that was helpful breaking up the long vertical bars that Atilla struggles to climb up.  I purchased another & put it on the other section of vertical bars.
  • Bedtime swings.  Since Cagney’s foot/leg has now healed, I have returned some more swings to the loft area.  They now have 3 swings & a perch.  Atilla sleeps on the perch.

Whilst I was making all the changes, Atilla was busy chewing the poang chair.  When she returned, all the work had been done so she promptly reviewed all changes, stepping onto new perches & trying the ladders out.  All met with her approval.

Atilla has not been out of the Manor in the last week.  Is that because she likes the new arrangement?  Or is it because she is slowing down?  I continue to watch & observe…