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Good morning!

It is not often I get up early enough that the Toyboys & Phineas are still ‘in bed’.  I peer into their cages, under the cover & see they are still in their bedtime positions.  If it is very early they will stay in those positions until it is the proper time to ‘get up’.  Naturally, I tiptoe around the room until they wake.

Most mornings they are already awake.  When Phineas sees me he runs up & down his ladder waiting for my finger to regurgitate to.  Cagney & Bezukhov peer at me under their cover, patiently waiting for me to fold it back so their seed pots are no longer in darkness.

Here is Phineas, up & down the ladder:

Here is Phineas waiting for my finger:

Here is an impatient Phineas & the patient Toyboys:

Phinny's cage with cover pegged up so he can see the Toyboys (on left under beige cover).

Phinny’s cage with cover pegged up so he can see the Toyboys (on left under beige cover).

The Toyboys & Phineas have already greeted each other as I always peg up part of Phinny’s cover at the side so they can see each other come morning.

I had noticed before, when I did not do this, that Phinny, on seeing the Toyboys (actually, probably Cagney) would let out this really loud TWEEET!  That was his morning greeting. With the opening in the cover, I do not witness this particular TWEEET so often but think it is better for them to greet each other as soon as they wish, rather than wait for me to uncover them.


Well fed fingers

Phineas is still regurgitating to my finger.  He is still blowing bubbles.  This phase is ongoing.  We do not have an end date yet.

The regurgitation session can occur many, many times a day.  Duration of each session appears to be getting longer.  If I wait until he comes to a natural end rather than force him to end as I have things to do [rolls eyes!], this may mean waiting up to 25 minutes.  (I usually  have the TV remote control to hand).

Sometimes he attempts to clean my finger & licks it all over.  Recently, after the licking, he preens my finger.  As you can see from the photos below, more often than not, my finger (& sometimes hand) needs a good wash afterwards.

(Click on photos to enlarge)

A most interesting incident happened a few days ago where Phineas was on top of the manor, regurgitating to my index finger.  I was holding my hand up to him, resting it on the cage with my index finger out but other fingers folded back.  He regurgitated as normal but then tapped on the knuckle of my middle finger.  I unfolded that & he proceeded to regurgitate to that finger.  Hmm… interesting.

Then he tapped on my ring finger.  I unfolded that & he regurgitated to that finger.  It was like he was feeding all my fingers.  He seemed satisfied after doing 3 fingers & then off he went & left me with this:

Three well fed fingers

Three well fed fingers


Bubble, bubble toil and trouble

All the bubbles that Phineas has been blowing recently has put the following words from Shakespeare’s Macbeth in my mind:

Double, double toil and trouble

In my head the witches chant now goes something like this:

Bubble, bubble toil and trouble;
Head bop, and beak that bubbles.
Leaf of spinach and finger of vet,
Shredded broccoli and red millet,
De-hulled oats and stalk of celery,
Egg boiled hard and seed of canary,
In the crop, churn and toss,
A bob of head and foamy froth,
For a charm of powerful trouble,
Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.

(Apologies to Mr Shakespeare!)

And here, a special treat for you all, is a video of Phineas blowing a bubble or two.  (The first bubble appears at around 42 seconds in).

For reference, here are the original, inspiring words of Shakespeare:

Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.

Second Witch
Fillet of a fenny snake,
In the cauldron boil and bake;
Eye of newt and toe of frog,
Wool of bat and tongue of dog,
Adder’s fork and blind-worm’s sting,
Lizard’s leg and howlet’s wing,
For a charm of powerful trouble,
Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.

Blowing bubbles

Did you know that budgies can blow bubbles?  Phineas can.

He has always been into regurgitating & favours my finger or thumb, on my right hand, of course.  A few weeks prior to his recent little break from regurgitating & jiggying due to moulting/breeding/a reason known only to Phinny, the amount of seed regurgitated increased.

Normally, he would leave, at most, a very thin smear of goop on my finger.  All seed is gobbled back up by him.  During the increased regurgitation, a lot more was left behind:

(Click on photos to enlarge)

It was when there was the increase that I noticed his ability to blow bubbles with the goop.  I was impressed to say the least!  If you look closely at some of the photos above, you can see the goop is foamy & bubbly.

Since his return to normal form, he has quickly returned to that high level of regurgitating.  All the signs are there:

  • Lots left on my finger when he has finished,
  • The occasional blowing of a goopy bubble,
  • Near constant demands for my finger to regurgitate on/to.
The Bubble King

The Bubble King

I wonder how long this phase will last?


A tentative jiggy

No kissy-kissy today then?

No kissy-kissy today then?

Nope... I'm just not in the mood...

Nope… I’m just not in the mood…

Ironically, not long after my posting in September about Phineas & his morning constitutional, he abruptly stopped all this activity.  No hand jive, no boogie-woogie-ing, no experimental positions & no regurgitating.  He all but ignored me completely & mostly, although not exclusively, took to his bed.

As the days turned into long weeks I wondered what had caused this apparent personality change…

  • Could he be ill?  Naturally, I studied his poop more closely than usual but when there were a spate of not-so-wonderful poops, he would confuse me by following up with some perfectly normal poops.  Apart from the extra sleeping, he seemed fine.
  • Perhaps it was down to his moult?  His moult, though significant, was not quite in the same league as Cagney’s moult.  Could a moult produce such a major change in his demeanor?
  • Maybe Phinny’s behaviour was a side effect of Cagney’s heavy moult?  Did Phinny not find Cagney as attractive with all those pin feathers on his head?  (I would like to think that Phinny is not that shallow!)  Or maybe Phineas was less inspired to indulge in hanky-panky when his beloved was so obviously suffering?

Who knows?

All I do know is that three days ago, Phineas had a tentative jiggy-jiggy on my hand.  I felt relief.  If his 5-6 weeks in the barren, passionless wilderness were a result of one or all of the above, I was just pleased he had come through it & was beginning to exhibit some ‘normal’ Phineas behaviour.

Yesterday morning he seemed pleased at my offer of a finger through the bars for regurgitation & then he indicated he wanted more.  I put my hand in to see if he wanted his morning constitutional & he jumped right on!  He was clearly out of practice & was quite ‘gentle’ but somehow it still felt right.

Today he once again wanted an in-cage jiggy-jiggy but this time completed the ‘job’.

I'm back!

I’m back!

Welcome back, Phineas!





Unusual goings-on

As we know, Phineas loves Cagney.  Although Cagney likes to flirt with Phinny occasionally, he is otherwise ‘not into him’.

Until today?

This morning, Phineas unusually, did not have an in-cage jiggy-jiggy but seemed satisfied with regurgitation.  I made a mental note of this…. he would surely need a ‘service’ at some point during the day.  When it came to out-of-cage time, Phinny was indeed quite hyper.  It did not take long for him to initiate a boogie-woogie session on my hand.

Give us a kiss, Cagney!

Give us a kiss, Cagney!

Pass me the bucket...!

Pass me the bucket…!

Cagney was interested in his progress but that is not unusual.  Whilst Phinny is busy jiggling about on my hand, Cagney jumps on my thumb to shout encouragement & often at this point Bezukhov will come to investigate too.

However, today events took a surprising turn.

Cagney showed extra interest!  As he was getting excited, Bezukhov came & sat on my other hand but Cagney chased him away, then quickly returned to a fluffed up, frenzied Phinny & jumped on his back!!!

Phineas was not prepared for this new development (though he may have dreamt of it many times!) & lost his balance & fell off my hand & landed, fortunately, on my soft slippers.  Cagney meanwhile, also fell as Phinny disappeared from underneath him, but remembered he had wings & flew to the manor.

Both Phineas & Cagney reconvened on top of the manor & proceeded to regurgitate.  It was not clear who was feeding who but Cagney definitely did a few head bobs so may well have contributed.

When all was finished, Cagney retired into the manor & sat with his mate Bezukhov.  I kept a close eye on Bezukhov afterwards as I did not like the thought of him being left out, or rather feeling left out.

After all the activity, Phineas was hot; his wings were away from his body to cool him down.   All seemed to return to ‘normal’, though I am not sure what ‘normal’ means here anymore!


Phinny’s morning constitutional

It has become a bit of a ritual.  On uncovering Phineas in the morning, he is usually eager to regurgitate to my finger but this is quickly followed by the need to jiggy-jiggy.  He gets very, very, very restless & keeps looking at the cage door as that is where my hand will enter.  As soon as I put my hand in, he is on & ready for his ‘constitutional’… his budgie boogie-woogie… his ‘service’…. his hand jive.

We usually get this ‘job’ out of the way first thing.  Often, I leave the cover half on as then he is not distracted by Cagney & Bezukhov, cheering him on.  If that happens, he has to stop his jiggying & look across to the Manor to make sure he is not missing anything.  All those stops & starts can make me miss a whole episode of Frasier!  And of course he is not missing anything because he is having a one-budgie-band party in his own cage, albeit with the assistance of my hand!

After his ‘service’, we then have an extended regurgitation session.  When this is over, he needs food & water & then mostly can get down to the business of relaxing.  He just cannot relax if he is bursting to jiggy!  Perhaps he has OCD as well as RBS

Oh, I nearly forgot…. Good Morning, Phineas!




Recently, whilst Bezukhov was poorly & not his usual self, I noticed that Cagney spent more time with Phineas.

This seemed like a natural thing to happen, being as Phineas could be found every which way Cagney turned anyway.  However, there were a couple of occasions when Phineas was desperate to regurgitate & Cagney reciprocated.  I caught one of these moments on video:

Each time it was over very quickly & Cagney immediately returned to Bezukhov’s side.  It suggests his bond with Bezukhov is strong, yet he is unable to resist the opportunity to flirt, particularly with the recent temporary absence of flirting sessions with Bezukhov. Bezukhov certainly noticed Cagney’s indiscretions but due to being unwell, chose not to react.

Of more concern to me was Phineas.  This is the attention that he craves & certainly from the one he most craves it from!  How pleased I was to see Phinny get some ‘lurving’, yet it worried me that Cagney was leading him on.  Would it make him more jealous than he already is?

Well, Bezukhov is back to his usual self now, so there has been no more exchanging of seed between Cagney & Phineas.  Phinny seems no worse.  He has not taken things out on Bezukhov (any more than usual).  He still adores Cagney.  I cannot see that ever changing, however Cagney behaves.


I have competition

Phineas often regurgitates to my finger.  This can occur several times in the day & usually after he has just eaten.  I understand that he would far prefer to regurgitate to Cagney but at the moment this is not happening.    However, it appears I do have some competition…. from an unlikely source…… Yes, our friend, Tweety-Pie!


For old times sake

Since Phineas has been getting some attention from Thomas, he no longer looks to me for attention.  I have missed the regular regurgitating sessions & also the hand jives.  I feel a little embarrassed to say I have felt somewhat insecure when he ignores me, though I tell myself it is good he has a feathery companion.

However, the other day, he graced me with a brief “bot rub” & a “gurgy”.  To say I was happy would be an understatement!  Underneath that independent, too-grown-up-for-mama exterior, he still loves me!

Phinny showing affection

Phinny showing affection