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An exciting sighting

Last week, wild parrots came to our ‘back yard’!

Wild ring-necked parakeets have become increasingly common in the South East of England.  I first saw them in the summer, in a park about 5 miles away.  Being a tropical bird, they look somewhat out of place in England, particularly in urban areas.

Despite their increasing numbers, it was still a surprise to see bright, flashes of green whizz by the window.  Four ring-necked parakeets flew by, circled & landed on the tree directly opposite my window.  They were there long enough for me to take some photos & marvel in the first sighting of them so close to home.

They were later joined by a big, black bird that I initially thought was a crow but on checking the photos, decided it was likely a big blackbird.


How did Bezukhov, Dalai & the newbies react?  They noticed the flashes of green go past the window but otherwise just carried on with whatever they were doing, not grasping the rarity of the event!