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To roll or not to roll

I blame myself….  It seemed a simple enough task to get extra body in my hair by putting in some blue velcro rollers…..  In fact all was going according to plan until I asked senior stylist Madam Atilla for her advice…..

She gave a little half-smile & then quickly got to work with her beak, half pulling out the rollers, pulling hairs in all different directions &, I have to say, expertly creating a trendy pulled-through-hedge-backwards hairstyle….

Yes, Atilla is still fascinated with my rollers. 🙂

More rollers

Atilla still has a fascination with blue, velcro rollers.

It seems that reaching out from perching on my finger was not enough, so she climbed on my head to investigate more thoroughly….

Roll up! Roll up! Roll up!

Or rather….. Unroll!  Unroll!  Unroll!  Yes, if Atilla had her way, all my rollers would have been unrolled.  

You learn something new every day.  That day, I learnt that Atilla is fascinated with velcro rollers.  I put some in to make my hair look special but after Atilla had made a few “adjustments”, I looked like a scarecrow.

In the beginning - rollers in neatly

Checking inside the roller

What happens if I pull this bit?

Oops... I roll on my back with my toe in the air...

...but managed to pull the side roller out....

Now to attack the front roller...

Specs could do with a nibble too

My work here is done