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Bedtime gymnastics

Come bedtime, I find that Cagney & Bezukhov settle down quite quickly.  When the final big cover goes over, there is usually a last bit of faffing but otherwise they appear keen to get to sleep.

Phineas tends to take a bit longer to wind down & whilst the toyboys are already snoozing in the manor, Phineas uses the time, in his own cage, to chew on various toys.  After a while, he puffs up & also settles down.

ttmss_swing3ttmss_swing4Mostly, he sleeps overnight on the left hand side of the ttmss swing.  If he is not already on it, when his big cover goes on, he makes his way over.

A few nights ago when I peeked in under the cover, things seemed different & I had to squint to make out that Phineas was sitting on the right hand side of the ttmss swing rather than the left.  Odd, but entirely acceptable.  I thought nothing of it.

Last night it seems he wanted to shake things up a bit more.  He mounted his ttmss swing as per usual, but whilst it was swinging, he was ducking under the mirror in the middle to reach the perch on the right hand side.  This seemed a long winded way to get there, being as he could just slip around the side.  Anyway, after a bit of faffing, he managed to get to the right hand side perch.  Unfortunately he was facing outwards & not towards the mirror so he had to maneuver himself around.  I thought he would settle there but no, it seems not.  He stretched across to the normal swing, sat on there for a second, then jumped onto the rope perch on the side.  What now?  Back to the ttmss swing!

normal_swing20140224_125018_sh21bYes, he went back over to the ttmss swing & again, whilst it was swinging, made his way under the mirror section to the right hand side.  (By this time, I had pulled up a chair so I could comfortably watch instead of bending down to peek under the cover).  Will he settle on the right hand side of the ttmss swing as he did the other night?  No.  He decided he wanted to get to the left hand side but instead of going under or around the side, decided to go over.  How he did it, I really do not know, but did it he did!  He managed to get up & squeeze himself through the gap between the ttmss swing & the top of the cage.

Once on the left hand side, he then ducked underneath to get to the right hand side again, transferred himself over to the normal swing, then the rope perch, then back across the cage to the ttmss swing!  At the last peek, he settled, as usual, on the left hand side of the ttmss swing.

It is times like that when I fully understand why Cagney & Bezukhov do not want Phinny to sleep overnight with them. 😀



A straw & the door

Now that Phineas & Thomas have the lounge to themselves (see Separation post) I thought it would be nice if they could eventually share a cage.  This would get the number of cages in use down from three to two.  As I have concerns about some of the bars on the Ferplast, I am keen to phase this cage out.  This means attempting to get Thomas to share the folding cage with Phineas.

Knowing that it took Thomas 3 weeks to emerge from the Ferplast, I suspected that he may have a problem with small doors.  The folding cage has a large door on the front which has a small door within it.  Phineas is happy using the small door, though I do recall he initially used to go back & forth in front of it some time before he worked out it was the path to Cagney.  For Thomas, I decided to make use of the larger door, but when it is open, it sticks up above the main cage, which has always put me off.  Some thinking was needed.

A-ha!  A jumbo drinking straw was what I needed.  I got a green one & slit it along the edge & simply slid it along the top of the door.  Now it was more like an actual perch, rather than something that got in the way of flying.  The door itself is held up with pegs (what would I do without pegs?!)  I put a rope perch from the outside snaking sneakily to the inside.

Now to watch & wait!

Best spot in the manor

Cagney preening behind the chewy toy.

Cagney preening behind the chewy toy.

There are usually positions in the cage that are favourites. 

Atilla always claimed the spot with the best vantage point for overseeing all that was going on in the room.

The toyboys current favourite spot is behind a chewy toy on the rope perch in the loft area.

During the day one or other of them will often be found sat behind it.  During the night, one or other is usually behind it.  Cagney is behind it about 9 times out of 10, but sometimes he shifts over & allows Bezukhov to sleep there.

It is a chewy toy so does get chewed.  It fell down the other week as they had chewed through the stringy bit holding it up.  I gave it a quick repair & popped it back.  It is slightly shorter than before, but still warrants best position in the Manor.

No more bedtime swings

Atilla in position first

Cagney’s leg & foot problems have not been getting any better.  He is still holding his bruised right leg up & still has the sore underneath his left foot.  As the rope perches seem softer & kinder to his feet it was decided to replace the 3 bedtime swings with one long, bendy, rope perch.

Atilla was not fazed by the new arrangement & that first night immediately claimed her spot on the rope perch, next to the manor bars.  The toyboys were a little put out that the swings were no longer there.  They faffed about for some time.  After trying out all possible positions they finally settled, Bezukhov on the rope perch & Cagney on the peg!  So much for a nice soft rope perch for his sore foot!

Confused boys

The peg was about the same height as the rope perch so I could not see any particular benefit to him choosing it.

The following night, after more faffing about from the boys, Bezukhov settled on the peg & Cagney on the rope perch (halleujah!)  He had shuffled up next to Atilla but she pecked him away as she does like her own space whilst sleeping.  They did have a quick snog before boundaries were established though.

The next night, Cagney chose the peg again.  To try & discourage this choice, I made a slight adjustment to the rope perch so bent it up closer to the Manor roof, thereby making it higher than the peg.  Since then, he has slept on the rope perch. 🙂

Shall we settle here?