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A big Softy

I have reported before that Phineas likes me to ruffle his feathers.  This stopped when he came out of his moult.  Every now & then I would test if a feather ruffle was acceptable &, though he would not bite my finger like before, he would gently move out of the way.  However, he is moulting again.  Feather ruffling is back on the agenda!  As witnessed by these videos:



It seems that, at heart, he is a big softy!





Remembering Thomas: Two years on

So, it has been two whole years without Thomas.

I have been thinking of him a lot recently.

Phinny’s new need for me to ruffle his cheek feathers makes me think of Thomas.  Thomas often used to fluff up his cheek feathers & tilt his head slightly & that was his cue for someone (anyone – I do not think he was fussy) to preen them.  His subtle signals were ignored initially until one day, when the Toyboys were holidaying in my bedroom, Phineas temporarily put aside thoughts of his own needs & preened Thomas.  It was a momentous occasion, not just because Thomas finally got what he wanted but because in getting that, he showed that Phineas was capable of putting someone else’s needs before him – an amazing achievement for such a young lad!


The Thomas Bath was named in honour of him.  He would throw himself in there with abandon & once again, without realising, taught the others of the joy of having a bath.  When I see Phineas & Bezukhov bathing in the Thomas Bath I think, “Thank you, Thomas – what a guy!”


Thank you for those lovely times, young Thomas.



Ruffling feathers – on video

Previously, I happily posted about Phineas allowing me to ruffle his cheek feathers (click here to read).  I am convinced this is a phase that will end as abruptly as it started.  With this in mind, whilst the feather ruffling is still ongoing, I have captured it on video:


You can see it is a two-way thing.  I ruffle Phinny’s cheek feathers, & he preens my finger.  A win-win situation. 🙂


Ruffling feathers



The ruffling feathers I refer to in the title of this post, is me ruffling Phinny’s feathers.

I do not mean in a metaphorical way either.  Most unusually, in the last few weeks, Phineas has let me actually ruffle his cheek feathers!  He is the first budgie who has allowed me to do this.

It started off quite tentative.  He was gently preening my finger, then stopped & leaned in to the side of my finger.  I moved my finger a little & stroked his cheek feathers.  He did not move away.  I was surprised.  I carried on, very slowly & gently & he seemed to like it.  Over the following days, I watched out for the opportunity to do this again.  Gradually, my finger movements became stronger & swept a greater area of his cheek feathers & both sides too.

We now have a routine where he preens my finger then I ruffle his cheek feathers.  He turns his head to make sure I get the right spots.  When he has had enough, he preens my finger again.  Sometimes this cycle goes on several times.

This now happens daily.  I plan to make the most of it whilst I can. 🙂