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Poop results

Following on from my previous update on Bezukhov & his Missing Poop, the results are now in.

Bezukhov & the chewy toy

Bezukhov & the chewy toy

There were:

  • No parasites or worm eggs present,
  • No Campylobacter,
  • No Salmonella, and
  • No Chlamydia. However, Chlamydia psittaci is apparently notoriously difficult to isolate hence collecting poop over several days to try to catch it, so the negative result could therefore be inaccurate if it was not shed during those collection days.

We agreed to continue monitoring Bezukhov & hope that the medication he previously had & the continued regular intake of Calcivet will keep his ‘episodes’ at bay.


Missing poop

Following on from my previous update on Bezukhov & his ‘Episodes’, there is good news & bad news.

20140623_121926_sh2120140623_113256_sh21The bad news is that a week after I dropped off the poop sample, I rang the Vet asking where the results were & after being put on hold for some time, they finally told me the sample pot never got to the laboratory.

They apologised profusely.  These things happen.  Fortunately, Bezukhov’s health problem is not critical so, in this instance, no harm is done.  I needed to provide the 3-day sample again, but also needed to pick up another sample pot, which I did on Friday, 20th June.

The good news is that since my previous update, Bezukhov has not had another ‘episode’, to my knowledge.

The second sample pot was given to the vet yesterday, so we now await the results…. again.

Thomas still unwell

Recent medication for Thomas

Recent medication for Thomas

Thomas looking through teething ring

Thomas looking through teething ring

Thomas with his head through the teething ring

Thomas with his head through the teething ring

Further to my previous post on Thomas being unwell, I report that there is little change.  😦

Though there have been few blog posts recently, there has been ongoing background activity regarding Thomas’s health.  During the last vet visit, Mr EV suggested another antibiotic.  This was prescribed the following day on the 30th October – Baycox.  Fortunately, to be administered in water.   After some days on this, there was no change.  Mr EV asked for a fresh poop sample which I supplied on the 5th November.  This was taken to the lab to be analysed.  The results came back on Friday 8th.  Thomas has Pasteurella bacteria.

Mr EV told me not to be alarmed if I googled this.  Naturally I did & it appears to be linked to the bacteria found in cat’s saliva which is known to be toxic to budgies.  Mr EV said that the bacteria is naturally present in their gut but in Thomas’s case the levels are higher than they should be.

In the meantime, he prescribed more Baytril but needed to get hold of another medication.  This was Critical Care Formula.  Thomas (& Phineas) have now been on this since the 12th November.  As there was no change after a few days I contacted Mr EV & he said to wait until the 19th.  This is what we are doing.  So far, no change in his poops, though I do believe Thomas is a little more active & vocal than he has been.

Cagney, Bezukhov & Phineas are fine, though a bit under the weather as they have been moulting.

Thomas is still eating & still enjoying his vegetables.  When out, he mostly sits on top of the Manor.  He half-heartedly monitors Cagney.

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