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Find Marshall, a Blue Budgie Lost in (Devizies, Wiltshire, UK) Please help!


Dear all

I don’t normally write about budgies other than my own, but on this occasion I am making an exception.

Marshall, a budgie of a friend on our budgie forum has gone missing. He managed to be spooked by a loud noise and flew off out of the kitchen window.

It’s an accident that could happen to all of us. Something all of us bird owners dread.

Please, if you can, share this for me (print the poster, share on Facebook or other social media etc) in the hope that Marshall can be found and be reunited with his best friend Ian and owner Rose.


Even if you do not live in the UK, maybe you have friends that do and they have friends that live in Wiltshire.

I would be eternally grateful.


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In the meantime…

In the meantime, fresh wild, seeded grass has still been arriving.  Ian & Marshall (The Sharing Sausages) & rosebudgie have been most generous.  Interestingly, since the last parcels, Ian has acquired a qualification.  He is now a doctor & what is more, a doctor in “Avian Psychotherapy“.   After recent events, I may need to book an appointment with him & see if he can advise on how to manage two toyboys, one little grey man & one handsome dude.

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Thank you for the yummy grass, Doctor Ian!

Sharing sausages

Yet more wild, seeded grass has arrived. 🙂

This time it was from The Sausages.

We were most impressed with their packing & parcelling abilities but we do suspect that their human slave rosebudgie actually harvested the grass.  It was very generous of the sausages to share their grass.  For anyone who is not familiar with how sausages look, here are the handsome boyz, Ian & Marshall:

The Sausages

The Sausages

You can see more of da Boyz here, on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYLjBa5Qj1o

Thank you for the yummy grass, Sausages!