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Handful of corn

Phineas has a very annoying habit of shredding the baby corn on the skewer.  He probably ingests about 5% of it, but the rest is scattered far & wide.

I hate waste.  Unfortunately, with budgies, food waste is quite common.  In an attempt to salvage some corn, when he is in the middle of shredding, I place my hand directly underneath to try & catch as many pieces as possible & then put them in a seed dish.  He does bite & fling, not just bite & drop, so a lot of corn still goes flying all over the place, but at least this way, some of the baby corn can be saved & eaten in a civilised manner.


VeGducating Thomas: Baby Corn

Continuing in the VeGducating Thomas series, I am happy to report that Thomas is also partial to baby corn.

I hung some up but unfortunately Phineas found it first & was in a shredding mood.  However, Thomas did find a little left & nibbled on that before Phineas had to remove that too.

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Shredded vegetables

Atilla is in “shredding vegetables” mood.  You will see by the photos that the celery and the broccoli really did not have a chance….

Oh, & I was covered in the stuff as she was shredding and chucking.  It was down my top, in my sleeves & over my hair & no doubt I will find some rotting behind a cupboard the other side of the room...