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Remembering Raspy on her birthday

Happy birthday my beautiful girl.

Always in our thoughts.




Remembering Atilla on her birthday

Happy birthday my beautiful girl.

Always in our thoughts.




Remembering my girls: Sleeves

Since the passing of my girls, my sleeves have seen no action.  Until a few days ago.

Can I have a sleeve?

Can I have a sleeve?

I was tending to Phineas & my arm was near the plant pot stand.  Suddenly, I felt a gentle tugging on my sleeve.  When I turned, I saw Bezukhov on the plant pot stand & he was chewing my sleeve.

To feel that tugging on my sleeve took me right back to those pudding days.

Bezukhov jumped on my arm to have a proper chew.  Cagney joined him.  Naturally, Phineas had to be involved & landed on my arm, in the middle of Cagney & Bezukhov, instantly dispersing them!

Previously, Bezukhov & Cagney only chewed my sleeve when the girls did.  Atilla & Raspy could spend hours chewing my sleeves so Cagney & Bezukhov, being devoted partners, would join them at some point.  The girls would have a crook of elbow each & the toyboys would have the length of my arms to play with.

As a reminder, here is Raspy having a good chew:

Incidentally, in the video I am wearing the same jumper that Bezukhov was pulling at this week. 🙂

Atilla’s still got talent

Atilla is up to her old tricks again. I know that she likes my baggy, green t-shirt & the navy blue one – she likes to go up the sleeve & come out by my belly. I tend not to wear those t-shirts if I have work to be getting on with.  Yesterday she attempted the same with my light blue top, only this top has 3/4 length sleeves that are not so baggy.

After a little perseverance she managed to squeeze her way in, work her way up to my armpit & then emerge by my belly. Then there was no stopping her…. she wanted to go in again… & again…. & again…. It was like a fairground ride where she was the only one queuing.

I showed her a short cut though, where she could come out on my chest.

Here is a video. It’s a bit long as she decided to retrace her steps at one point.


When Atilla is not chewing the back of the chair, she likes to return to her hobby of climbing into sleeves.  She has had a variety recently.  All are worth a try but I am sure she favours some over others…

Lilac sleeve - tight fit

Hearts sleeve - Nice echo, good grip

Pink sleeve - Nice & roomy

Grey sleeve - Fleece inside is warm & cosy

End of British summer time

This weekend was officially the end of summer.  We need an official date as the weather is too unpredictable to work it out by that alone.  However, it has definitely turned chilly recently.

To make sure my little darlings are not cold of a night, I have now changed their summer bedtime cover for a winter one.  It is a new cover, bought especially for them & is an inoffensive beige colour (previous experience says that red is a no-no).

Last night was the first time I put it on.  Raspy, Bezukhov & Cagney did not bat an eyelid, but Atilla was on the alert.  This was something new & it had to be personally approved!  Atilla was soon to be found in the corner of the manor, chewing at it through the bars.  I am pleased to say that it passed the test!

Atilla is often the one to test out new things first.  I am sure she feels this is one of her duties as Flock Boss.

Today, the iodine block fell off its plastic holder.  (It gave us all a scare as it fell to the floor with quite a thud!)  Fortunately, I had recently bought a replacement one so put the new one in.  Who was first to investigate?  Yes, Atilla.  The iodine block passed the test too!

This evening, I am wearing my new pyjamas.  They were bought online & described as “funky“.  Basically, they are very bright & bold!  I put a plain cardigan over the top so as not to shock the puddings & toyboys.  They did all go quiet though…..  However, Atilla, being the leader, was the first to jump on my sleeve & have a little tentative nibble of my funky pyjamas.  I do not think they have been fully approved yet, so testing is still in progress!

Pudding in my sleeve

Both Atilla & Raspy are still keen on chewing my sleeve. 

The last couple of mornings Atilla has greeted me by jumping on the platform perch & trying to get my sleeve.  If I can, I push a little through the bars so she can have a chew.  Previously, I thought they did not like black clothes, but she wanted to chew my new black jumper.

When they come out the Manor, they have free reign of chewing my clothes.  My sleeves are obviously the most accessible.  Often I will be standing there, with a pudding in the crook of each arm, having a good chew.  They could chew for England!

A real treat for them, particularly Atilla, is if I wear something with baggy sleeves.  Atilla will try very, very hard to get inside.  Once she’s in, she has a good rummage & may peck at my armpit & if she’s really on form, will go the whole hog & come out by my belly (see previous post Atilla’s Got Talent).  As soon as she’s out of my sleeve she immediately wants to go back in.

Here are some recent photos & quick video of Atilla in action:

Play jumper

The girls still enjoy rummaging in my sleeve.

The other day, for an experiment, I threw my jumper on top of the Ferplast to see what they would make of it.  After an initial bout of shyness, the new “play” jumper was investigated by all.

However, it did not take long for Raspy to claim the play jumper as her own.

Here she is checking out the sleeve with Bezukhov guarding her back:

Then she checks out the other side but disappears & confuses Bezukhov who is supposed to be guarding her back but has lost her:

And then another rummage…

I noticed she was getting a bit “territorial” (in other words, turning into a bully) so in the end I removed my jumper & threw it on the chair.  She followed it there…

Normal service is resumed (Raspy)

I am pleased to report that Raspy has got over The Moult

  • She is looking beautiful again,
  • Her tail is growing quickly,
  • Rumpy-pumpy is back on the agenda &
  • She is back to sleeve chewing duties.

Here is the evidence…..

(Click on photos to enlarge)

Here is the animated evidence:

Raspy 1, Atilla 0

Being sisters, the girls do have a strong bond.  They are however, quite competitive with each other & neither will take any nonsense from the other.  

My foot hurts...

Now that Atilla has her new party trick, I suspect also that Raspy is a little jealous.  Atilla holds her nerve well when exploring t-shirts & jumpers.  Raspy is far more tentative in her sleeve explorations & has not yet gone as far as Atilla, though judging by her efforts, I doubt it will be long before she catches up.

Butter wouldn't melt...

The other day, Atilla was in my sleeve & Raspy came to the perch where it was all happening & unfortunately, before I had a chance to move away, she grabbed at Atilla’s gradually disappearing foot.  Atilla gave quite a yelp, backed out my sleeve & limped across the top of the Ferplast to a place where she could safely investigate her foot.  After that, she retired to the Manor & kept her foot tucked up underneath her for awhile.  I did not see any blood & am happy to say that after an hour or so, she was back to normal.

The day after, Atilla was having another rummage in my sleeve whilst Raspy was chewing my other sleeve.  Atilla then made her way down the inside of my t-shirt & I’m afraid to say that Raspy jumped on her sister as she emerged from the bottom.  I do not think that even that incident dampened Atilla’s pleasure at having successfully negotiated the dark, armpit bend once again.