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Snoozing in the sunshine

Sometimes, even when it is cold, the room can be filled with sunshine.  On one particular day, Dalai was having a snooze in the sunshine, on Phinny’s hot pink ttmss swing.  Here are some photos in a slideshow:

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I have included a photo of Bezukhov who was also sitting in the sunshine.  He looks like he is sleeping because his eyes are closed but he was actually having a grumble at the time.  The photo looks a bit weird because he was behind the swing with the mirror that just happened to be reflecting the cage bars, giving a strange illusionary effect.


Three as One

Despite Phineas not being flavour of the day/month/year, when Cagney & Bezukhov are first let out of the Manor, their first port of call is Phineas in the Ferplast.  They do seem to prefer him when he is behind bars.  They all sit quite happily close together in this way….


A Spontaneous Sleepover

Having recently posted about the musical cages situation, somehow, a few days later, they all ended up together in the Manor.  It was getting late in the evening & they were beginning to snooze.  In fact Cagney & Bezukhov retired to their usual bedtime perches in the loft area.  Both Phineas & Thomas stayed on the perch a level below.  Would they be sleeping overnight together??

20130613_153548_sh2120130613_144110_sh21As it got later, I partially covered them, ready for bed, but I left their front door open in case any of them changed their minds, but no, they were all settled.  When I finally went to bed myself, I quietly closed their door & wished them goodnight.  Naturally, I set my alarm to go off extra early so I could assess the situation as soon as possible the next morning…

Did they manage to sleep together overnight in the Manor??

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Toyboy bookends

Have you ever wondered what toyboy bookends would look like?

Wonder no more…..


A late night

It is possible that the presence of Phineas has upset the toyboys’ bedtime routine.  The other night they did not go to bed until half past midnight!  And that was only because I prompted them.

We’re not ready for bed yet…

For some strange reason, during the evening, they kept dozing somewhere other than the Manor.  This made it impossible to close them up at normal bedtime.  Normally if I approach them outside the cage nearing bedtime they would take the hint & start stretching wings & then retire to bed, perhaps having some more seed before the cover goes over.

This particular time they both settled on the swings on the playgym.  By “settled”, I mean head-under-wing-fast-asleep settled.  My little hints & prompts were making no difference to them.  Finally, at 00:30, I decided enough was enough & they would have to go to bed as I was tired & I wanted to go to bed myself!

But still no movement.

This called for drastic measures.  Bezukhov was on the nearest swing.  I very carefully unhooked the swing from the playgym & transported him, still on the swing, across the room, over the spare cage (with a sleeping Phineas) & into the Manor where he stepped up & I placed him on the bedtime perch.

Cagney was on the swing that was behind Bezukhov’s swing.  He was sleepy but had noticed his mate had gone back to the Manor.  With a little persuasion I got him to step up & I transported him across the room, over the spare cage & into the Manor, where he joined Bezukhov.  I covered them up & wished them sweet dreams & then retired to bed myself….


Gone… but still a winner

Raspy won the

November Star of the Month competition!!!!!

The theme was Sleepy Budgies.

Here is the winning entry:

The competition was organised by The Budgie Tree forum. Click on the links below to see all the marvellous entries. You will also get an idea of how stiff the competition was!

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Final poll


Tattiness, sleep & millet

The Puddings & toyboys are having a major moult.

Raspy is taking it worse than the others. She has gone very quiet & does not even chirp or shout when I leave the room.  She sleeps a lot more & does not move much.  In the last few days she has flown to the window perch once, otherwise, any movement is restricted to in & around the Manor.  She is looking very tatty & sorry for herself…. so much so, that I went out & bought some millet. :0

They have all been tucking into some millet but I confess I have sneaked some extra bits to Raspy whilst the others have been occupied.

Atilla looks the best groomed of all of them but even she appears to be sleeping more.  She has spent most of today & yesterday dozing on either the swing or double-swing on the playgym.

The toyboys are still active though less so.  In the last week, I have actually seen Cagney sleeping, head under wing, during the daytime which is unheard of!

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I am hoping the Moult will be over soon!