Phineas & the spider plant

Recently, I have noticed some strange behaviour from Phineas.

Phineas & the spider plant
Phineas & the spider plant

I have become accustomed to his fly-bys.  Without looking up from my laptop, I can tell his flight path by the heavy flapping of his wings & the displaced air.  However, some of his flyovers seemed to fall short.  When I turned to investigate what was happening, it appeared that Phineas was attempting to land on the spider plant to my left.

To date, he has not managed a landing which is just as well as I am pretty sure he would knock the plant over!  It has reminded me of the past when Cagney developed a fascination with my spider plants.  Bezukhov soon joined him & I recall that Raspy also wanted in on the act.  After I changed my furniture, although the plants were returned in similar positions, the interest had gone.

I wonder why Phineas has suddenly noticed this particular plant now?  Sometimes it is very difficult to get inside a budgie mind!

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Lone spider plant

Since having the new floor laid, I have not yet returned the spider plants to the lounge, due to lack of furniture to put them on.  However, last week I found space on the low TV table, so a plant now peeks out from behind the telly.

Beady-eyed Cagney has already clocked it & each day he has made an attempt to land on it.  So far he has not been successful but something tells me he will not be giving up any time soon…

I am hoping this plant will escape the fate of the other one.

Where’s our spider plant?

Due to an impending reorgansation of the lounge, I moved all the spider plants out of the room.  This left the top of the cabinet bare.  It was funny seeing the toyboys land there & only find the white bowl of the lamp looming over them. 

Where’s our stringy plant?!” you can almost hear them say!

Yum yum!
No, it doesn't look as appetising as the spider plant...

Poor spider plant

Further to my post on “Cagney & the Spider Plants“, the two boys have really got the taste of the plant.  Now, when it goes quiet I look for the boys on top of the cabinet & often I will see them both there, chewing away.  I tell them they are naughty little boys.  I get them to step up & move them away but as soon as my back is turned, they just fly back.  My poor spider plant…

Cagney & the spider plants

Cagney has only recently noticed the spider plants on the cabinet.  Now he keeps wanting to land on them.  Despite being a tiny little toyboy, I would not be surprised if he pulled a plant down one of these days.

Sometimes, he takes advantage of me standing by the cabinet with my arm out (yes, patiently waiting for him to notice!) & when he lands I take him on a little tour of the plants & show him the top of the cabinet where he sometimes steps up to be nosey.  Bezukhov often joins in at this point.

You can see him doing his hovering trick here:

The video is only 4 seconds long, so if you blink you may need to replay it. 😀