A hiccuping Cagney

Sometimes, one of the gang will get the hiccups.  Well, it is not really hiccups in the human sense, but it does look like it.  In reality they are probably just trying to dislodge a stuck seed.

Here is Cagney having a “hiccup”:

You can see that Bezukhov was a bit irritated by Cagney, but in his defence his moult made him temporarily less tolerant.  Fortunately, this hiccuping episode was over quickly for Cagney.  In fact he stopped when I put the camera down which then begs the question…. was he putting it on?!

Green beak

Cagney has had a green beak for a couple of days.  Somehow, he managed to get a piece of spinach stuck to it. 

The spinach worked its way off today though, so he is back to his handsome, well-groomed self.

Let’s add broccoli to this spinach covered beak…

Flustered over fluff

Moustache fluff, BEGONE!!

Cagney is such a strong, capable, confident toyboy….. isn’t he?

Well he IS….. unless he comes across a stubborn bit of fluff that will not leave his head, eye, cere or beak….  in which case he gets very flustered, flying all over the place, shaking his head & generally behaving like a girl.  (Not a pudding mind…. a girl – there is a big difference).

Eventually he manages to shake some sense into his head & gives it a good rub on a perch until the fluff moves to another equally irritating part of his head & he carries on rubbing until the offending fluff is finally flattened against the perch, never to darken a budgie head ever again.