Travel cage carrier bag

With the recent flurry of vet visits for Thomas, I have come to appreciate the fabric carrier bag I made for the travel cage.

Hospital/Travel Cage
Hospital/Travel Cage

One of my worries is that the clips holding the cage to the base, either do not work, or are not clipped properly.  This would result in the base just falling off & the consequence, particularly if outside, potentially catastrophic.  When using the travel cage (demonstrated by Raspy on this post), I have always held it by the base & never by the top handle alone.

Getting the cage to the vet usually means holding it up by my chest (as I am supporting the cage base) but having to put it down on the floor at times to lock/unlock the front door & the car door etc.  As it has felt awkward lifting the cage from the floor by the base, I decided a new method was needed.

Enter cheap charity shop t-shirt.

From looking around the internet for ideas, I found the solution.  Any existing bag I had was just not wide enough at the bottom for the travel cage, even though the cage is really rather small.  So, for a few pence, I bought an extra-large, stretchy man’s t-shirt from a charity shop & set about turning it into a cage carrier bag.

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Atilla’s still got talent

Atilla is up to her old tricks again. I know that she likes my baggy, green t-shirt & the navy blue one – she likes to go up the sleeve & come out by my belly. I tend not to wear those t-shirts if I have work to be getting on with.  Yesterday she attempted the same with my light blue top, only this top has 3/4 length sleeves that are not so baggy.

After a little perseverance she managed to squeeze her way in, work her way up to my armpit & then emerge by my belly. Then there was no stopping her…. she wanted to go in again… & again…. & again…. It was like a fairground ride where she was the only one queuing.

I showed her a short cut though, where she could come out on my chest.

Here is a video. It’s a bit long as she decided to retrace her steps at one point.