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Spring moult

The boys have just been through a spring moult.  Lots of the big feathers have been shed by Cagney, Bezukhov & Phineas, including flight & tail feathers.

Bezukhov suffered the most.  At times, the pin feathers looked extremely uncomfortable & even painful.  Poor boy.

The good news is that he is now back to looking handsome again.


Progress on pinnies

Bezukhov is still looking rough.  The pin feathers on his head are looking fat & uncomfortable.  Yesterday it looked like he had a red patch on his head but when I looked closer I could see it was just the blood in the feathers.  Poor boy.

Bezukhov is moulting

For over a week now, Bezukhov has been moulting quite heavily.  Apart from the obvious sign of lots of feathers being around, he has been looking rather tatty.  His belly is mottled & not smooth like it usually is.  His little face is pinny & looks ragged.

He is also under the weather & not as perky as he usually is.  In fact, he has not bothered with his morning grumble at speaker’s corner (platform perch).  That alone alerted me to the fact that he was not quite himself.

I hope he pulls out of it soon.  The others have lost a few feathers here & there but nothing to the extent that Bezukhov has.

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Tatty Toyboys

The moult is still going on.

Feather loss is slowing down but tatty-factor has increased considerably.  Both toyboys have very tatty bellies that look uneven & clumpy.  Their faces look rough with feather loss under their eyes & around their beak.  They have been quite grumpy & spend most of their time either snoozing or preening.

I have offered mistings but it seems that either Cagney will choose to get wet, or Bezukhov will – not both at the same session!