Thomas the Teacher

After Phineas had experimented by dunking his tootsies in The Thomas Bath, Thomas gave some more coaching.  He encouraged Phinny by demonstrating how not to fear the water & to embrace it:

With such a good teacher, Phineas soon started getting the hang of this bathing business:

And now having more of a dunk:

As you can see, Thomas was guiding Phineas throughout the whole session.  I am hoping he told Phineas that bath water is not for pooping in, but I suspect in all the excitement that that crucial piece of information may have been omitted.

A Novice Bather

Thomas has not been shy using The Thomas Bath.  His frequent & dexterous dunkings have not gone unnoticed by Phineas.

One day, I was most pleased to see Phineas, the novice, tentatively try the bath out.

First one foot in the bath & the other on the edge…..

Phineas with one foot in the bath
Phineas with one foot in the bath

Then two tootsies in the bath!

Phineas with two feet in the bath
Phineas with two feet in the bath

Thomas appears to be giving him some instructions, possibly telling him not to panic & to take deep breaths. 🙂