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Remembering Raspy: Little cardboard box

Bezukhov & the little cardboard box

The iodine block is popular here.  They have one in the Manor & one in the spare cage.  There is also another one that had fallen off its holder that I put on top of the spare cage.  I popped it in a little cardboard box that conveniently holds a lot of the dust from where they scrape it.  It has been in the little cardboard box for some time now, always being nibbled so gradually getting smaller & smaller.  The box itself has been in various places, mostly the top of the spare cage & also on the tank on the window ledge.

So, why is this talk of an iodine block in a cardboard box under a “Remembering Raspy” post?

Well, my girl Raspy used to tip the block out & then fling the box over the side.

That was her little routine.  I would hear a thump & look over to see her triumphantly looking at the box on the floor.  Naturally, I would pick it up, pop the iodine block back only for her to dispatch the box again.

Since her passing, the iodine block has stayed in the little cardboard box & the little cardboard box has never gone flying. 

Raspy Bella – tosser of the Little Cardboard Box

Remembering Raspy: Loo Rolls

From very early on, Raspy was a fan of the cardboard inserts of loo rolls.  She would spend ages throwing them about.  The first time I saw her running along the back of the chair, waving the loo roll around, I thought she had got her beak stuck on it.  Then I realised this was a game.

In this video you can see that Atilla is a bit confused over Raspy’s enthusiasm for the loo roll: 

By this time, Atilla was sat on my shoulder, well out of the way of Raspy & the loo roll: 

As Raspy grew up, she never quite lost her fascination for a loo roll.  She was perhaps not as energetic, but still felt compelled to throw it about:

Note: Beware of any glue on cardboard loo roll inserts as this could be dangerous if ingested by your bird.

Die broccoli… Die!

Atilla likes broccoli.  These days however, she will nibble a bit but then immediately start destroying the rest, throwing it about like it has personally offended her.  It’s advisable to keep your distance when she is in mid-destroy as otherwise you will walk away with pieces of broccoli embedded in your skin, clothes & hair.

Here she is in action: (Yes, Raspy decided to investigate the camera & Cagney joined her.)

No one puts baby corn in the corner

No one puts baby corn in the corner except Atilla, who shreds it & throws it all over the Manor… all over the floor… & into at least one corner of the room….



I left another two pieces on top of the Ferplast.  Moments later I looked & there was only one left & no sign of the other…  Until I peered underneath the radiator….

Jammed behind the radiator