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Toenails (part 2)

As I alluded to in the previous post, there was a toe incident… henceforth known as Toegate.

I was in the kitchen when whatever happened actually happened, so I can only speculate, but blood was spilt.  Phineas hurt his toe. 😦

I was alerted by Thomas flapping in his cage.  Only Phineas was out, both lads were locked in.  When I entered the crime scene lounge, Phineas was on the Manor.  The first thing I noticed was that he had a wet belly.  This suggested he had fallen in the (new) bath attached to Thomas’s cage.  There were splashes of water up the side of it which confirmed this but alarmingly there was also blood.  I also detected traces of blood on the bars of Thomas’s cage.  On closer inspection, I could see that Phineas had blood on his toe.

Putting all the pieces of the puzzle together, I imagine that Phineas was roaming around on top of Thomas’s cage when Thomas nipped Phinny’s toe.  In his surprise, he most probably fell into the bath which probably set Thomas off on his flapping fit & Phinny back to the manor.

Fortunately, there is no lasting damage to Phinny’s toe.  The bleeding stopped very quickly, leaving a little dried blood on his toenail.

It is possible I am doing a disservice to Thomas here, by stating he nipped Phinny’s toe.  If this really is the case, I doubt it was done in malice but more out of curiosity.

Toenails (part 1)

Toenails have been the focus of attention recently.

Short toenails

Short toenails

Firstly, Cagney’s toenails have been getting a little out of hand.  In short, they have got long & curly.  He gets them caught in all manner of things, even his favourite chewy toy.   Given that I have difficulty catching him, not just because he is small & fast but because he is quite fragile looking & I am worried I will hurt him, I decided to call in reinforcements… the vet.

Sleepy Cagney

Sleepy Cagney

Mr Exotic Vet visited today.  After a bit of a chase around the Manor, he managed to catch Cagney & deftly trimmed his toenails, conveniently trimming off the part of the nails that were embedded in the cloth he used to catch him.  When he finished, he returned him to the Manor but was surprised when Cagney did not get off his hand.  Even more surprised when Cagney sat there & started preening!  Well, Mr EV had other appointments to go to so could not stand there whilst Cagney preened (as I would have!) so pointed him in the direction of several perches, which Cagney promptly ignored, until he was virtually shoved onto the rope perch in the loft area, next to Bezukhov.

He had also given Cagney a prod & a poke & declared him well.   Though Mr EV did not examine Bezukhov, just by sight he thought he looked well too.

Me? Tatty?!

Me? Tatty?!

I then turned Mr EV’s attention to Phineas to check one of his toenails.  Two days ago, there was an incident (post to come) resulting in some spilt blood.  Fortunately, despite dried blood still on the toenail, there was no lasting damage.

Am I not a beautiful blue?!

Am I not a beautiful blue?!

Though Phineas has been in fine form, I have noticed his tail feathers & some wing feathers constantly look tatty.  His forehead also looks very bare (post to come), I hoped just through severe, localised moulting.  Mr EV decided to grab Phinny to investigate further.  He said the wing/tail feathers were of poor quality but could not see any evidence of mites which was a relief.  Personally, I feel that Phinny’s feather quality has improved since he arrived, through better nutrition, but clearly there is still a way to go.

Mr EV & his assistant also had a look at Thomas & came to the unanimous conclusion that he was a gorgeous shade of blue. 🙂

After the visit & things had calmed down, I let the toyboys out.  They flew over to sit on Thomas’s cage but promptly fell asleep after all the excitement.

They all livened up later on, particularly when Phineas also came out to play, but that is another story…

Sleepy Bezukhov

Sleepy Bezukhov

Short toenails, long beak?

Cagney appears to be keeping his toenails under control & they are a reasonable length at the moment.  However, the other day I got a shock when I saw the length of his beak!  I have never seen it so long!  It has always been quite long & pointy, particularly compared to Bezukhov’s, but now it has got far too long.

They always have an iodine block in the Manor.  There has always been an iodine block in the spare cage.  In fact, the toyboys have usually gone into the spare cage specifically to chew its iodine block (pre Little Grey Man taking the spare cage over, of course).

To encourage Cagney to sort his beak out I have started putting an iodine block on the landing platform in the hope he will have a nibble on his way in & out.

Beak curling round to his chinny chin chin!

Update on Cagney’s foot

The 3 amigos on the sisal rope perch

I am aware that I have not given an update on Cagney’s dodgy foot.  I am pleased to report that all is well.  His dodgy left foot is now completely fine & the pressure sore on his right foot has gone.  I did try putting savlon on his sore but the attempts were pretty feeble so I can only assume that his healing was down to “time”.   It certainly did not take as long as the last time so although there was a problem it was not as severe.

So, why does he keep injuring his foot?

The only thing I can think of is a combination of him having too-long toenails & getting a too-long toenail caught in a loop on the sisal rope perch.  I prefer the sisal rope perches to the cotton rope perches as I believe they can easily tear the sisal rope but not the cotton, so even if they do get caught, they can bite their way free.

In fact, Cagney can often be found chewing the sisal rope perch.  Bezukhov joins in.  Sometimes, I join the two of them & we three spend a quiet evening pulling at the strands on the perch.

In the meantime, I do believe Cagney has been keeping his toenails shorter.  Fingers crossed he keeps them down & does not injure his foot again.

Curly wurly toenail

Raspy spends a lot of time preening, cleaning & sorting out her feet.  There could be chaos around but she will be lost in a world of budgie tootsies.  I can see why she cares so much for her feet as they are rather beautiful. 

If you look closely at the above photo you will see that Raspy has a curly back toenail.