Tales from Quarantine – Thirty-Five Second Tour (8 of 8)

Moriarty puts his tour guide hat on & shows us around his quarantine cage:


Tour Itinerary

0:01: Begin on diagonal perch

0:05 Dried grass

0:08 Ladder

0:13 Platform perch

0:18 Perch where mirror is

0:24 Food bowl

0:25 Swing

0:27 Diagonal perch & platform perch (again)

0:28 Diagonal perch (again)

0:30 Middle of cage (flying area)

0:32 Conclude on perch where mirror is


Don’t give up the day job, Moriarty!



Tales from Quarantine – Malfunction (7 of 8)

I have always thought that arranging the furniture in a cage is a skill.  There are lots of questions to ask, like will the position of this perch/toy mean it is covered in poop?  Will the toy be in an accessible yet challenging place?  Is there enough space for wings to be stretched or even for a fly?

I thought I had considered all things when rearranging Moriarty’s cage yet somehow he found a glitch in the design.  If he dismounts his swing in a certain way, one of the bottom bells gets caught in the Olympic rings!  Despite this being a fault, it almost turns into a new toy.  The swing’s bell is now in a great position to be biffed, & the swing can still be used, even at the funny angle!


Bell caught in rings



Chewy toy positioning

The chewy toy is still the favoured toy to sleep behind.

When Cagney hurt his leg before Christmas I removed the round swing from the Manor loft area to encourage him to rest his foot more.  In its place I put a short but wide perch.  I left the older, more threadbare chewy toy in its original place but moved the newer one across to the new perch.

When it came to bedtime & Cagney & Bezukhov made their way to the loft area to sleep, they each positioned themselves directly behind a chewy toy, as can be evidenced in these photos:

The chewy toy is also an ideal place to hide behind:

Bezukhov hiding behind chewy toy
Bezukhov hiding behind chewy toy

Strangely, they do not appear to be chewing either of the chewy toys much.  Perhaps they understand that once chewed the toys will be gone forever?  (They do not know that I have spare one!)  Or perhaps they realise that the more they chew the less effective the toy is as a hiding place?


Still playing

It pleases me that the toyboys still play.  They are 16 months old now & probably should be classed as “adult” or “mature” birds.  They still behave like little boys though. 😀

They still like to play with their hammock:

Here they are messing about with the shredder toy:

The remote control is still a favourite toy:

The girls are not really into playing (chewing is their thing) so it makes me happy that the boys can hang out together & play. 🙂

The baby toy

About 6 months ago, I picked up a baby toy in a charity shop & thought it would be good for the toyboys to play with.  It is one of those toys with squiggly wires & wooden blocks you can move along.  I gave it a good clean & left it out for them to play with.

It has been on the window ledge for some time & although they might have landed on it, it was only by accident (Raspy landed on it once & that was not planned either). 

They were not scared of it…. but were not interested in it either….  Until a few days ago when I spotted the toyboys checking it out!  I managed to quickly take some photos as evidence!

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So now I can rest easy, knowing that I have not wasted that fifty pence.